Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bukit Fraser.......30th Dec 2007

Another adventurous trip done!!! TO FRASER'S HILL.

yeah, we reached the foothill of fraser's hill after 2-3 hours drive all the way from KL......waiting to go up dy :)

Make sure u arrived in the appropriate time......there is a guard post controlling the traffic up n down to prevent car accidents. The road at this end is single car lane.

Yes, finally we reached the Fraser's hill 's town.........after a steep winding road all the way up......
My friend = gal driver was saying that she has become robot driver, turn left, turn right, left , right.........all d way.......haha.
Pity her

My fren trying to act as jay chow, terrorist, ninja???

I'm sure this pic look familiar to most ppl, whoever browse through the details of fraser's hill....will sure came across this familiar landmark with the clocktower and post Malaysia......
I guessed this is the most attractive view lo.......other than dat, nothing much lar.......
haha, my fren help me took tis pic, i personally thinked it's a good angle...hehe
next time will use tis angle.

some colourful flowers

The map you'll stumbled upon ....
There are a few jungle trek paths to trek but we din go....too bad abit. :)

Hehe, tis pics look great..........aren't there???!!!

Really like tis place.......kinds of felt like in the temperate forest, where dried leave fall down , n no bushes around.

hey, look old lar in dat siting posture , hehe.

the gold club

a tamil primary school

Welcome to the smokehouse restaurant.....really like this kind of countryside brick the cool weather all time.

one of the best scenery view tat i can take......., others high views are either block by huge forest or duno how to get there.

The entrace to the waterfall.....

The weirdest waterall i came across, the colour of the water is murky colour, will you dare yourself to swim or play in it?? Plus this waterall doesn't seem to be natural waterfall. It was yet another dissapointment lor, u drive all d way, quite far from d fraser hill town to tis remote waterfall only to find THIS???!!!

Jz took tis photo for the artistic feel.


AND flowers .... The flower selling orchard (guessed it's d only 1) is very much cameron alike, but lack scale and really lack flowers .

THe only strawberry farm in fraser's hill........vyvy small scale indeed, no strawberries at all.....hehe, dun get cheated by the map showing red sweet strawberry sign, cause u'll get dissapointed.

We had our dinner at one of Rawang's famous place (hehe, din jot down d name, sthg with aunt lar but if you try to ask around your Rawang frens, there'll said if you wan, then you can try tis shop). It's famous for makan tilapia fish. The fish taste quite nice, can be hot spicy or less. IT really have a relatively good business, we have to wait for a while to get our chance to dine. The price is quite reasonable lar.

WE were brought to this eating by Mr Kam( 2nd from left)...a rawang resident. Thanks to him :)

All in all, Fraser's hill is quite nice lar, it sort of a santuary to those who wants tranquility and serenity, freshhhhhhh air and lush greenery. Vy much like a small cameron. Majorities ppl are indians and malays. Well, you might notice that there are some initiatives to improve and upgrade it to a better tourist destination, sort of gave ppl the impression the upgrading was not carried out fully and sor of become abandon dy.