Tuesday, December 25, 2007

2nd Malacca Trip....yeah

Wo Wo...this trip..........was all bout eat eat n visit visit in 1 and a half day. Though very tiring but it was very worth it and enjoyable :)

Tis trip was organised by WEn Ji 'jie jie' (wen chiong senior), coz Malacca is her hometown. Besides that, her grandma shop is the oldest and 1st famous Hainan chicken rice shop in Malacca lagi. MUst go Must go.... but too bad i head her grandma shop is closing soon due to no one will take care of it dy.... plus the secret recipe of Hainan chicken rice is only pass down to sons....so guessed this recipe is gona be lost forever dy.

All i can conclude from tis trip was : tis trip was superb and though i was full all the time, but Malacca is just another place that's full of gud tasty foods to be taste, so cant resist those foods...kept on eat and eat.... 1st round, 2nd round,3, 4.....

We went through majorities of the tourist spot in Malacca town too. Took alot of pics.....
I will let the pics said the words then...lazy to type..hehe :P

On the way to Melaka thru Alor gajah

Went A Famosa resort, it was a very big area, however, honestly, i dun find this place very interesting, looks very empty to me, got bungalows for rent, got golf course, go-kart ride....etc

u can enjoy a short horse ride and take pics v it with some minimal price

Safari World

Cowboy town

My senior's grandma Melacca first hainan chicken rice shop

Famous calligraphy from someone famous (hehe, i duno who is he) hanging on the walls

Went Portuguese village. This is the main entrance

Trying to take pic of a Portuguese house, if you see clearly, u will notice they are majority christian, when u look inside their house, u'll notice a cross

Eat " kui lin gao' , my fren and i had pearl powder kui lin gao, and my senior had mint type. iit's vy mint ...

It's very nice to eat cold kui lin gao with sweet honey

This " Lo han kuo" is as gud as the one found in petaling street (chi chang jie).


Eating fried/bbq "fu zuk" at one of the hidden alley ( but alot of ppl came here), sotong kangkong, shells "lala", ....etc....
cant believe a back valley like this can even have such a hawker food stall.

Oi jian' chef...cooking oyster omelet
My fren who like oyster said it's not so nice, coz he can hardly eat any oyster....but if u like egg omelet, then tis one suits u more...haha

take pictures of the street where we were finding food...

My senior used to drink tea at tis cafe
but we din try out tis cafe, hehe.

The famous RED HOUSE...

The ppl are trying their best to attract tourists to sit for a ride with music, attractive lightings, and flowery deco.

WEnt to the famous JONKER STREET
There was a show using 'yi yang zhi sheng gong' , a finger to poke into the hard coconut shell as well as using head to break a coconut etc....

Look for this shop, it's ABC is nice , they use thick gula melaka
they oso sell asam laksa, nyonya laksa, etc...

haha, we forgot to take pics of these dishes.... haha.

eat 'bin tiaw' but not nice....hehe. Luckily it is cheap...

Geographer cafe...vy famous, a place for drinking...u'll c lots of ppl drink n chat there. The famous mo mo tea was taken here too!!

The interior looks very artistic...with alot of maps and antiques.

Taking pic of this night bz jonker street.

i like tis pic quite much...

My fren taking pic v d antiques

My fren insisted on taking tis pic, of this 'hokkien hui guan'

Melaka have really make tis historical town very colourful and bright

the famous cathedral church

View of the shop back alleyfrom across the sg. melaka

riverfront of sg. Melaka

Superb view of sg. Melaka

I like tis pic of my frens smiling with the colourful sg.Melaka as background wallpaper

Satay Celup which is quite famous in Melaka...though i dun really like it actually....the taste is jz weird, u dip the different satay (got kangkong, sausages, fishballs, mushrooms....) into a bucket of hot satay + curry sauce. I dun think d sauce blend well with the "satay". I was suprised that their business are good , real good...some even hv to queue up to wait for their seats.

at pantai klebang...
syok sendiri there

Exhausted after a whole day and night of eat and walk.....gona zzz dy

Our breakfast next morning, fatty crabs....cooked by my senior's father
taste good...:)

at my senior's house

the windmill nearby the red house

sg. Melaka dayview

Found this wooden statue amusing
haha...i wonder is it to ward ppl off from buying things or attract artistic ppl only???

Went to one of the old old chicken rice ball shop to chicken rice ball
This shop provides a very typical china old shophouse style which my fren like vy much

The chicken rice ball really taste real gud, accodring to my fren, the chicken rice ball was originally made to be bring by their husband who work in the fields so that they can had their meals easily, just like eating fish ball instead of a plate of rice of a box of rice...but then now...it became a famous food u must not miss.

Met frens' " hang dai" there, haha

The new archeological site which a piece of fortress wall, jz nearby the red house

One of the museum under renovation

the church on top of St Paul's hill

Dutch tombs

A famosa

haha, my frens acting
the guy: yeah, i'm so happy to leave
the gal: no, wait, dun go....

Dun care about them, they wont die, the train wont move at all

Some of the antiques of a shop

Met my kuching frens there too

JZ tot tat it funny to c a carp been hang on top there, haha

One of the unique indian temple in melaka town

geographer in broad daylight

WEnt to Portuguese village again....My senior said too bad the shoreline has been replace by this gigantic hotel....

i like tis pic vy much

Strolling along the shore line

wat is my senior doing there??
seems like sad

Oyster...dead oyster
Some1 came here to collect oyster

Portuguese house , can u c their xmas deco?? during their xmas, they owez decorate their house, even the outer compound

WEnt to this cafe to drink, my fren use to lepak here when she was 'young'

"cha kuay teow" with sweet sauce
so weird..........i like the taste of it without d sauce

zheng he

Puteri hang li po well
It has an interesting story
Go read, dun ever drink the water from this well....
y??find out urself

The icon of more than 1000 ppl die here

jz another well........., well, u can drink water from here....it somehow make u strong???

Went to eat rojak b4 goin back

Passby a man made waterfall on the way back KL

Melaka municipal hall