Saturday, July 31, 2010

To NSW(11): Awesome Bondi to Coogee coastal walk

That’s right!!!! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, so CHERISH your life to do the things you wana do e.g go backpacking!!!!  And one of the activity you must do while you are at Sydney city is this Bondi to Coogee coastal walk!!!!! haha. Obviously, this big slogan you’ll see at Bondi beach is more meant for dun play play with water rather what i mentioned on top, haha.

Anyway, there are plenty of beaches to go in Sydney, Manly beach, bondi, coogee are among the more famous ones. And there’s also a famous walk along the coastal of Sydney which is Bondi to Coogee which is 6km long and takes about 2-3hrs on a good pace. This walk also extend to Maroubra further down which less people done it.

This walk offers spectacular views of beaches, the rocky coastal and definitely a good way to enjoy life by walking/jogging along this coastal!!! It’s by far one of the best city coastal walk I’ve ever done!!! Though the sun can be quite damaging on your skin which happened to me, haha. I didn’t realized that the sun is so intense while i was walking, the result only appeared a day later, haha. All my skins kena sun burned!!! So remembered to put on sun screen!!!

I walked both ends of bondi beach then continue on the bondi-coogee coastal walk which took me almost half a day on a reasonable pace with all the relaxing (which u can’t help because of the view) and photo shooting.

Now let my pics show u how great the walk is!!!!

How good if you are able to learn surfing at such young ages!!! sigh.

Because it’s summer, it’s like all Sydney people came out to grab their share of the sun!!! Everywhere was people mountain people sea!!!
 IMG_3318 IMG_3320

Apartments by the sea!!! Only for the rich!!! there are many rich people that live here!!!!
IMG_3333 IMG_3335

On the far end of bondi beach, shooting waves!!! haha, surprisingly I found the wave in Australia always something good to shoot!!!
IMG_3355 IMG_3356
IMG_3357 IMG_3358

Trying to shoot a photo of me with the roaring waves!!! but alas…..shoot till gave up, not even a single timing was right, haha.

These 2 pics below clearly showed how crowded the beach was, but it seems alright because everyone get their share of the beach, all the kids with family, couples, old uncle aunties, macho men, sexy ladies, ……and u’ll see many people jogging here!!!! Very typical western beach!!!

I’m here at the other end of bondi beach. And also worth mentioning is, there’s a life saving club at almost every beach and life guard!!! WHich is really good, just like bay watch, haha.
IMG_3418 IMG_3423

rock pool beside the sea!! Something i haven’t seen in M’sia!!! how nice!!!
IMG_3424 IMG_3444

Click to see large size!!!

One of the place i like along the walk is below…

This was where i overnight, haha!!! Just kidding, but seems like it’s a good shelter for squatting!!!

Tiny fisherman VS vast turquoise blue sea!!! AWESOME!!!

Something that always capture my heart to shoot is a photo of a family playing around the seaside especially good daddy with their kids with their family dogs!!! haha, click the right pic for bigger size to see what i meant :)
IMG_3477 IMG_3482

Look at the clear blue sea water of Tamarama beach!!! Jealous?? This is just a bus ride away from Sydney city man!!!!!

Again packed with salted fish everywhere waiting to be dry!!! haha. One of the thing i found very good of the whatever municipal council that build this walk is that, there included spaces for people to do exercise to promote healthy lifestyle!!! like the one u see below (right pic), for pushing ups, chin ups,….etc!!! Amazing huh??
IMG_3485 IMG_3486

Tamarama park.
 IMG_3487 IMG_3488 IMG_3489

Bronte beach…
IMG_3498 IMG_3499

The photos below are not pretty but it shows how open some Sydney people are!!! :)
IMG_3504 IMG_3505 3506-08

Look at this!!! Nothing bother hers at all, not even those people nearby!!! SHE just want her breast get tanned!!!

One of my favourite pic along the walk (bottom left).
IMG_3513 IMG_3521

Continue on to Waverly Cemetery!!!!! This is no ordinary cemetery!!! don’t believe?? see for yourself!!!
IMG_3522 IMG_3525
 IMG_3526 IMG_3531

It’s to me the MOST AWESOME CEMETERY i have ever seen in my life!!! If i am to die, i don’t mind being buried here, haha!!!! I read bout this cemetery from blogs, seeing it myself was just unbelievable!!!! Couldn’t imagine such a beautiful cemetery exist!!!

My favourite pic!!!!! Imagine being buried here, i think the afterlife would continue to be as awesome as the AMAZINGNESS u feel by just looking the pic!!!


Click to see the Waverly cemetery in large size!!!!
3548 49

The walk continues…

Something I also would never have come across my mind, playing lawn ball beside the sea!!!! What a life!!!
IMG_3557 IMG_3558
This place makes me wondered what and how did those big slabs got there!!!


Another favourite pic below !!!

Look at that poodle doggie, again, what a life!!!

Clovelly beach and Gordon’s bay…
IMG_3576 IMG_3580 IMG_3581

A good diving/snorkelling site at Gordon’s bay!!!!

Finally I reached Coogee beach!!! An old age clock!!!
IMG_3595 IMG_3604IMG_3597

But the time doesn’t seem to match my watch, haha!!!
IMG_3599 IMG_3600


A memorial for those that were unfortunate during the tsunami incident while being at overseas.

One can swim safely at one of the rock pool here after the walk, how nice again!!! haha. Though i didn’t do that.

Click to see large size!!!
3601 02 03

Bus ride back to Circular Quay, what a good weather!!! but what a huge crowd too =.=!!!! U will never get a good shot of yourself with these famous icons!!!
 3621 22

Going into the Royal botanic garden…
IMG_3616 IMG_3617

Sydney’s oldest trees (bottom right pic)?? Hmmm…. duno how to judge!!!

From this angle, the architecture of the opera house can clearly be seen and appreciated more rather than the usual view on the other side!!!
IMG_3633 IMG_3634

This is Sydney!!! U can wear bikini and show your body even in a park!!! Something you would be brought to the police station if you are in M’sia, LOL.

Didn’t manage to see the goverment house…
IMG_3637 IMG_3638

The conservatorium of music outside one of the botanic garden entrance which looks like a castle itself, weird, haha.
IMG_3639 IMG_3640

Well, quite tired actually after the whole half day spent under the sun walking but it was WELL WORTH it, make sure u do it too while visiting Sydney!!!