Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Apartment last gathering 7th may 2008

The last gathering of the Happy apartment gang.....sad, coz we are departing soon....yet happy and anticipating the new house we rented at Tiara Damansara, hehe. Again, it's another steamboat...haha, guessed that's the easiest to be done. However, we still could not make up to all ppl of happy apartment, bee lan was not there, and of course Ms jiun ai was never there. haha and yet wei sheng was there too. Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourself very much...hehe.

Zhi yun, bee cheng, mei qing, and ming meei.......peace!!!!

Mr zhang xing looking at the camera :)

Mei qing 'qiak choi' for her roomate!!! haha, tat day we ate alot of kangkung coz we bought too much of it.

There's the washing part.......

A K-1-2 picture for the very last time. ALL OF US!!!