Friday, July 18, 2008

Singapore daY 3 & 4

Entering into my last 2 days of Singapore trip. As usual, woke up from bed, do the usual things, then Ah Sam sent me to JB kastam. This time, i went over the island on my own....hehe. Pretty adventurous........but it's easy. Almost everything about getting around Singapore was knew dy.

So, 1st station to Raffles place....i was already late, and so pai sei my frens were waiting for me.

So here i am in a makan place, with the architecture of the place unique, just looked at the picture below. THis was because this place was make into a makan place from a church, so it even have a bell that rings at 12.

My fren recommemded me this 1, forgotten d name. But it taste nice. My fren told me, it's sthg u wont find in M'sia, while others are more or less d same v M'sia.

Haha, my 2 toud guides.......Hie Ming and Melvin. Thanx to them :)

This was or stil is the working place of Melvin. vy Grand 1.

Melvin left after lunch due to he has to continue work. HM brought to this place, where she said this place always been featured in the Spore movies or dramas. Showing high tech building and modernity.

went to china town 'niu che sui'

very china feel indeed, well managed.

The only indian temple amidst the chinatown. Symbolic of racial toleration?? hahha.

I like this small little art, hope to learn it one day.....vy artistic thingy and vy professional to me....wanted to buy 1 home, but it's just so expensive especially v the more beautiful ones.

OLd folks chat around and play chinese chess at this small little shelter.

Went to this temple. Vy beautiful and it was as if it was paint yesterday.

This row of shop houses have been transformed cleverly into boutiques.

Took a snap shot of this nite bar, this was located at what bar or pub road.....

WEnt to India street, saw tis cigarettes packets. ooooooo, the Spore government really take care of their citizens......the price is mahal there, plus the scary pictures of lung tumors, really gross. I wonder how will the smokers take it? is it SO WHAT, i think the pic dun even bother their mind.

This place is really full of indians, everywhere u walk, u c indians, and this place caters indians.

My fren told this is a nite club(vivo city) modified from a electric power station. Vy creative rite? they don't leave things wasted here.

Took the cable up to Mt.Faber to get a look at Spore. YEAH.....

The Jewel box, a hotel and a gud dining spot for romantic ambiance overlooking the view of Spore. at Jewel box.

HM and me......i really love this place....i like high spots very very much.

This direction is Pointing towards KL.

Until dat day, i only knew behind Singapore, there are still many little tiny islands........

WEnt to THE ESPLaNADE.......
On the way, took this photo of this GRANT catholic cathedral. Vy pure white.

N also saw tis obelisk....hahha, sthg to mark the day of ppl during the war that had died.

Raffles's hotel. Vy beautiful and elegant looking.

Passed by suntec city, but no chance to fact i not fancy of shopping....hehe.

I like this particular nokia advertisement......: art, share the passion. Vy colourful.

Got into this Esplanade, displaying sthg white....

Pic showing the esplanade on the far left.

Fullerton hotel. Vy grant as well.

This is the interior design.

Saw this, sthg scary.....get into a ball cage, then they tumble u up and down like a ball.....heart attack game

me at clark quey. The place of densed pubs and bars and nite clubs. A very well known hang out place for foreigners.

Wana hv a 1 nite stand? Look for this bar......

Very creative use of the hospital wheelchair, beds.....

Alright, went to kok foo's house, chat and slept....

THis the morning look of both of us.
hahaha, two idiots....
went back to JB and KL after this. After all, it's a great experience........MY FIRST EXPERIENCE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY....really like it....explore here and there. See and learn. No regrets, thanx to all who have being my tour guides.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

SIngaporE day 2

Early morning of Singapore. THis is how it looks like. A typical hectic morning of a bustling city. Everybody wake up early to have breakfast and catch the MRT and buses.

Leaving from my fren's house.

The early dusk of Jurong east.

Singaporean student waiting for bus, yet reading.....vy gud culture. You seldom see this around Malaysia.

my early breakfast.....Sing $2

Got myself a free Singapore see what make the headlines of Spore news.

Reached Clementi to get a ride to NUS.

OOOoooooo, this is NUS.....a much more sophisticated look and modern building style. Though not big, things here look quite organized.....with a puntual FOC regular campus bus.

Had a hard time finding MD 7, went into MD11 to look at the medicine gallery.....

Very antique yet stylish medical weighing machine

After i met and have discussion with my two potential supervisor, went to meet ah sam and bugis street. On the way, saw this 2 big big naruto bun mascot.

Bugis street.....

This street is very much the Petaling street of Malaysia, hawker stalls everywhere, selling cheapsket stuff, eg: watches, accesories, food, clothings......etc. Quite cheap infact if you compared to other places of Singapore. Some stuff are quite worth it plus beautiful.

Me v Iyloh, haha me look vy ah pek here....din change my shirt coz dun wana sweat another clothing.

I pretty like the buses here, not only for their double decker, but the advertisement they display, like tis one the minyak kapak.....

Finally, got back to JB, had supper at 888........this place have a variety of foods, taste not bad....