Saturday, December 10, 2011

The GREAT preparation of 2010

The GREAT long road trip of 2010. 
Preparation and preparations before hand!!! 
Stay tune ^.^

2010 CCB and Lab X'mas

 I know these photos are a bit too late, haha. It's 2011 X'mas now and yet i'm uploading 2010 X'mas??!! oh well...., LOL

CCB X'mas bbq
It was a nice one, though i missed the one this year, haha. I really like this kind of open party/bbq, just sitting on the ground (some people brought chairs). It's a day of good food, beer and wine!!! And the day you'll see people letting loose!!!

Some people played Frisbee, the photo above showed people playing soccer, and it was fun. haha. Even our CCB director, Angel Lopez joined in with his Argentinian skill!!! It's the first time i saw Angel outside of his usual smart attire and playing sport!!! Soccer is the world game, hey??!!

Next up, was the Goodall-Khew Goodall lab X'mas. Each time of the year this time, i have headache on what should i bring, haha. I'm not a good cook, neither am a good baker of any sorts. In the end, i brought marinated satays from the central market, easy, haha. 

2010_12_19 Stella creek cherry picking

Cherries cherries!!!! Super sweet juicy cherries!!!
Cherries here are link to X'mas!!! You'll always see some cherries in a guest's house during X'mas^^

Tash offered to tag along with them to do some cherry picking which i gladly accepted. We have been checking the website of Stellar creek for 1-2 weeks as the orchard's opening time is very dependent on weather. Big rain pour sees the cherries falling off and also rotting. Well, what we need is a good plenty of sunny day!!! The sun get the cherries to ripe faster becoming the red juicy fingerfood we like!!!

Unfortunately, the weather before X'mas and our lab X'mas bbq wasn't great, we waited and waited until that time came!!! It an overcast day but at least the orchard was opened. 

2010_12_04 Gawler shooting

This is an old town that took me almost 2 hours on the train to get there!!! This is the furthest of the northern region one can get to on a convenient public transport. 42km from Adelaide.

Somehow i wanted to see new places and shoot new things, hence i went on this train to visit this town. It turned out to be quite a nice day walk + shooting. 

Gawler is one of the gateways for most people to get to the famous Barossa Valley due to its closer proximity. Much to my unknown, this town is the first country town of SA!!! Hence, there's a lot of heritage value in this town. The town plan was devised by the colonial surveyor William Light, and was the only town planned by him other than Adelaide. Gawler prospered early with the discovery of copper nearby at Kapunda and Burra, which resulted in Gawler becoming a resting stop to and from Adelaide. Later, it developed industries including flour milling and manufacturing steam locomotives. Now, Gawler is a commercial centre for the Mid-North districts of South Australia.

My visit was near Christmas where they have the Gawler Christmas street festival, almost the same time this time of the year!!! (sigh, lol). One can see X'mas decoration on the buildings. Here's the photos!!! Enjoy!!!

The last train stop

Friday, December 9, 2011

2010_11_20 Glenelg and West beach shooting

Here's some of my chosen shots of Glenelg and West beach!!! Revisited with my new toy :) Enjoy!!!