Sunday, April 22, 2012

2010-12-24 Around Fleurieu peninsular day 3

3rd day was a full on day, haha but blessed with a pretty sunny day. We drove all the way down from Adelaide to Newland Head Conservation park along the coastal road. Who said the South Australia beaches are not as pretty???!!! then please judge for yourself with my photos below. In fact, i reckoned some of these beaches are better if not on par with the other beaches at the other parts of Australia. It's just that there are not heavily promoted in SA tourism and best known by locals!!! Looking back, those photos made me wana go kayak at these amazing waters!!!

We stopped by Port Willunga, Second Valley, Rapid bay and then did a "shouldn't do" drive to Tunkallila beach on hilly dirt road. This road was steeper and longer than what i thought. Thank god my friend was patient with me, haha. Though driving for such a long distance just to get to a beach on a dirt road with lots of small pebbles did give me a creep since the car was rented. All those thoughts started coming into my mind, i didn't pay extra for any accident, so i drove slowly and it just seems to take ages until we finally see the edge and the beach!!! I dare not drive down, haha and it's steep walk down (kam ngam tak kam qiu i stomach ache, aiks~!!!!). Then we visited parsons beach, setup our tent at Park 1st before we set off for the Starhill windfarms!!! Seeing the those turbines so close was one of the highlight!!! Though there wasn't a good sunset, but we were very happy with how the day turned out!!! 

Port Willunga

How I wished I was him with my kids and pets enjoying the crystal clear beach on a sunny day!!!!