Sunday, August 28, 2011

Melbourne!!! 2010-09-21-22 day1

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MY first official visit to Melbourne!!! Pass by this city twice before this but only got a glance. Of course, the first impression was that it’s a lot more alive than Adelaide, heaps more skyscrapers. The CBD is bigger too of course :) Though i really didn't knew that Melbourne was listed as one of the UNESCO city of literature!!! haha.

To a brand new city on my own was ALWAYS fun & exciting, I really like this kind of exploration like a backpacker though i’m here on an official mission. First off, to find my backpacker hostel from the Southern cross station, the interchanging hub of public transport in Melbourne.
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On the way to the hostel, behind me was a splendid sunset. There’s many old Victorian style buildings among the many new modern buildings too. The old buildings looks really nice which kinda remind you that you are in a western country, while the newer buildings all comes with different architectural designs, afterall Melbourne is the art and festival city of Australia.

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Along bourke st, the second busiest street in Melbourne CBD after Collins street, which is home to two major luxury department store – Myer and David Jones.