Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BeautifuL Gunung Dato....yeah!!!!

Gunung Datuk.....located in Rembau of Negeri Sembilan was suggested by me when i was longing to go for another hiking to a new hill/mountain. It has one of the best 360 degree panoramic view. So a gang of 12 people finally set foot and climbed it. We departed early morning from PJ to Rembau then to Gunung Datuk/dato.......Along the way, kw was yelling for breakfast, we have to scout for food, luckily there was buns to be found sold along the road. It was not hard finding the way to Gunung Dato using the instructions told and google map.

We entered Rembau district....

Hj driving her QKU

Pl and Beh both refusing to be taken any photos, haha...

Houg and ss in another car :)
The sign of welcome to 'Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk Rembau". The place has several parking bays and seems quite well managed :) Every person is charged RM3 for entry, surprisingly there are others activities offered to be done in this park besides hiking, e.g tapping the rubber trees, etc.

The Famous keris as the landmark of Gunung Dato park

Our group photo before we started climbing
In the beginning of the climb we have to descend down, surprisingly i just found out that there is a small waterfall and pool too, nobody mention this in the internet.

Mr Ks acting cute +.+!!!!
Houg promoting the excel drink for revitalization.

Haha, acting cute along the way....Too bad Cs just wont tolerate to act cute too....

I wondered Pl still remembered she said she wan this pic....because of me smiling like a cat, haha.
Black mushroom?? will it kill if consume??

I wondered who saw and took tis photo??
A resting point along the way....u c a ruined hut with only the rooftop left.

Saw the staircases?? This is how u gona climb up. There are 3 parts where u have to climb the stairs.....the stairs can be quite shaky but still no worries, there are tie firmly to the rocks.

View on half way climbing the stairs.
Me n ss

Waiting for their turn to climb the stairs

Beh helping her pl...heheh, hahah.

The last stairs up....patient.....

The view on top, as claimed by others, you really get a 360 degree full panoramic view...Magnificent view....superb. But it's advisable to to get to the peak before the sun was directly on top of get BBQ if it's get too hot although it is quite windy on top...
Saw this....but duno wat is it....alien UFO sign?? or landing spot??

It was claimed that on clear day, one can see as far as the Malacca straits
pp trying to c how high she is...haha

I like this photo i took vy much....v ss chating over the phone though u cant really c ...hehe

This one too.....the background is jz superb....though it's abit dark....hehe. The lovely and kawai couple, beh & Pl i get to know when Pl join NPC lab....

Me n PP

Cs and Hj....both looks like bertapa....aren't they match?? haha

The microbes....Wk, PP & Kw, where's Randy??

A photo of NPC members..hehe

And all of us except Hj, the camera gal

The couple again...hehe, look at how happy is Pl ..,,

Me enjoying, hehe.

Me v Hj...i ain't no promoting gardenia bread...just showing off the sandwiches that Pl and Beh made :)

I like tis photo very if Ks conquer the himalayans..and very patriotic, haha

This one too....The said if they are gazing at something very very beautiful. :)

What is Tmc doing with the flag?? wana play javelin?? or wana kill some1??

Oh no no........bad boys!!!!

Pl??? OMG, wahahahha....

Er....wat is beh doing??? wat is he trying to act???

houg, me and ss :)

hehe, me again!!!! Good shot, Hj.

Big group photo over the two batu on the top....i jz like these 2 photos...yeah!!!!

Again i have no idea who shot this!!!! Hj???

There's this cave below this rocky peak..
Me again....acting PRO...haha

OMG, a snake in the cave??? but it almost nyawa-nyawa ikan hit by previous climbers...

A panda?? or a koala bear?? haha....

A funny thingy happened when we were to leave, Hj left her car keys inside the car boot and we have think of ways to get the keys...luckily we have Ks that has experience....but still the whole lock have to be destroyed in order to retrieve the car keys...haha. Saw the small hole in the middle of the car?

All in all, this Gunung Dato was a recommended climb for every hikers and amateurs as well, it was a pretty easy hike....the climb will reward u with a marvellous scenery and view.