Sunday, May 11, 2008

Siow Lee Shiori Bday!! 1st March 2008

Shiori Birthday!! This was a memorable gathering for us all from 4th , hehe. It's hard to gather everyone, but this time, fortunately Kok Foo came down all the way from Spore , siow meiz came down all the way from seremban.

Mr Lee singing

Happy birthday shiori !!!

Geli, my fren....haha, din paly around like this since 1st year university life....

Shiori with our birthday present for her...... wat had we got for her?

wat's that? a snoopy?


Shiori b4 change

AFTER CHANGE............the shirt fits her so much...........

dinner at vietnam kitchen ,'s such a memorable gathering after we had left university life. All the best to you all, and keep in touch!!

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