Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adelaide China town and central market

Adelaide china town and central market are located jz next to each other providing a strategic spot to shop for both asian and western groceries and ingredients. To me, it seems that 2 street in front and back of the central market and china town is more densely populated by chineses from various places. Wondered how it came to become next to each other!!!
Hmm....wat this meant?? bread got fish restauran??
The chinatown is a busy place during saturday , haha, coz i only go there on saturday and Sunday is rest day, i doubt weekdays are as busy.

Bubble tea make gud business here!!! Strangely, i nvr bother to try them!!!

One of the main entrace to china town...tat's the central adelaide bus station right opposite!!!

Most of the shops around chinatown are operated by chinese i can see chinese around and signage all over.

So nvr worry bout not getting asian food as long as u can cook and worry not too, as there are multiple asian restaurants here.
Inside one of the asian supermarket....though smaller than the australian supermarkets.....but it's quite fully equipped and packed with wat u need.....there are several asian supermarkets scattered around this area. Y use Asian instead of chinese supermarket?? coz these chineses come from various places, e.t vietnam , china...etc.

Surprisingly, there's xmas caroling on the 1st time i went der....i jz stood by to watch for a while , nothing interesting....jz another preaching by the asian church....wahahaha

The central market.....another busiest place in Adelaide!!! Ingredients and groceries bought here are much fresher and cheaper. IN addition, more fresh and more diverse to choose.
Noticed the floors?? There are pretty clean!!! not like msia markets.....dirty and wet. PPl here carry their own bags to buy stuff to avoid getting plastic bags.....or bought their own trolley....

Cheese!!!! Gud aussie cheese is vy expensive....nvr buy them b4....but i think i shud hv tested a few brought by my colleagues.

Flowers here are vy pretty.....and CHEAP!!! rose are cheap too......

Somemore cheesy

Salmon??? smoked salmon?? I hv nvr tasted them b4....will try them one day, hehe.

The other end of the china town....the china town here is small.....but lots of asians make their livings here!!! Wana feel chinese new year or chinese culture bit? you can only find them here, haha. I heard there is lion dance here on 1st day of chinese new year and there are also selling booth on chinese new year period selling chinese art adn calligraphy.