Sunday, May 10, 2009

New year eve at Adelaide, 2009 :)

IMG_6116 (Photo above: A bird view of elder park, with the concert on the far right, the Toreen river and fountain on the left and a cathedral on the top left corner)

First new year eve outside of Malaysia, ant it’s not in Singapore but in Adelaide, SA.

I guessed alot of ppl must have experience new year eve elsewhere especially Singapore since it’s so near and in conjunction with attractive Xmas decoration there. (I havent even had my Xmas celebration in Spore though i have thought bout the idea many times, haha. )

Anyway, yeah, new year eve in Adelaide city was good as well, everywhere was light up, pubs and clubs were crowded with people getting in. There’s even an open concert by Australian singers to entertain the public while waiting for the countdown in elder park. Some roads were prohibited from cars for preparation of new year eve the day before eve.

Towards 8pm, the crowds started to enter city and more and more ppl were getting into the city either to pubs, clubs, elder park….every bus was LOADED with people and most of them were dressed up. Those who was dressed up usually end up in pubs while families with kids will end up in elder park waiting for the firework display.

I only went to elder park half hour before 12AM. There were already HEAPS of ppl around elder park, and many securing a good spot to wait for the fireworks, couples, families, …..

It’s really nice to see families there, whole family….the kind of playfulness among the small kids and parents chating with children.

Finally, it’s 12AM…haha, the adelaide fireworks started with a display of “happy new year adelaide” words using firework display…..AMAZING, everyone just WOW, then for almost half hour everyone was busy staring at the sky and the faraway bridge, the site which they launched all those fireworks. Compared to Malaysia, the variety of fireworks displayed here was much better and more creativity. Haha.

Really enjoyed the grant firework display that nite, leaving elder park with HOPES and WISHES for 2009 :)


IMG_6122IMG_6132 IMG_6133

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