Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life without “Friends”…

536eecee295b92db6b32194e269541f8Just finished 10 seasons of Friends sitcom. OMG, can’t believe I did that. It was like being addicted to morphine. Watched the first 5 seasons continuously sometime ago, then hid the remaining so that I stopped watching, then now another 5 seasons just like that, weekends & weekdays. Can’t believe I’m coming to the final episode of the finale, I am SO gona miss it SO MUCH!!! :(

1165I don’t know why but Friends have such a strong attraction and impact on me. Love it since when I am a kid though I have only watched some episodes of it, but each episode can be a stand-alone sitcom that still connects to you and make you laugh!

friends-nbcAnd even worse now, after so many years later, having watched the whole series, it’s still as AMAZING as ever and no other at all. Nothing can be compared to it. Every unique and different character just drawn you into their life so easily and no single character outshine or dominate the series.

cast2Best of all, no matter how many fights or pranks or hurts that happened in their 10 years of “friends” life, the sitcom clearly shown and bring out the message that nothing beat FRIENDSHIP and LOVE!!!! Friendship that everyone cherish with tears and laughter. Six totally extreme different characters with a bond that binds them together in happiness and hardships = friendship.         Friendship that last even after “Friends”!!!

Friends-Complete-Seasons-1-10-DVD-Red-Box-Set-3Though some part of the sitcom is a bit outrageous to me and might never happen in our life, I wished I can live a life of one of the character in there, haha. The sitcom make me pondered did I ever have such close friends so far!!! Luckily I can said yes I do, though for a very short period i guessed instead of what the 6 main characters in “Friends” have for 10 years at least, always hanging out together, everything related.

alg_friends_sitcomThe sitcom not only brought laughter and tears to me, but also lessons to be learned about friends and love.

Friends-cast_0Of all the characters, I like Chandler the most; perhaps because I’m a bit like him…haha, love to play pranks and a bit of touch of sarcasm. The last 5 season of “Friends” saw Chandler’s character evolved into a mature character that not only remains funny but stable, charming & loving in its own way.

This sitcom will be one of my favourite for all time, wish I could have friends that I could hang out like In “Friends” till old, haha. And love as sweet as in “Friends”, LOL.

Not many TV characters enter our living room and our hearts like “Friends” ……We grew to care about the "Friends" characters beyond their ability to make us laugh. The relationships, the parents, the weddings, the baby--we've followed their lives as if the gang really did hang out at the corner coffee shop (newsweek).

Wish there can a movie sequel to “friends” series or more seasons for me to watch, LOL.

This reminds me HOW MUCH I MISSED many of my dear friends!!!!

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