Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To NSW(13): 01.01.2010 Sydney harbour bridge walk, yeah!!!

The Sydney harbour bridge walk, I guessed it’s a must-do list while visiting Sydney. The experience of walking across the famous bridge and looking at the design of the bridge up close and all the good views from the bridge make the walk definitely worth the energy and time!!!

I also don’t know why i still have the energy left in me to do the walk after a late night NYE 2010, LOL. Anyway, enjoy the walk with me :)

The beginning of the walk starts from the rocks.
  IMG_3948 IMG_3949 IMG_3950

One have to climb some stairs to get to the cahill expressway where the bridge is.
IMG_3951 IMG_3952 IMG_3953
 IMG_3955 IMG_3956  IMG_3961
Saw this colourful rainbow lorrikeets when i got to the top of the stairs :)

The panoramic view from the top of staircase :) (click to see full size pic)
3958 60


The Sydney harbour bridge tablet

Walk, walk, walk…
IMG_3964  IMG_3967 IMG_3968 

Views from the bridge :)
IMG_3975 IMG_3976

Wanted to go up the Pylon lookout but i woke up later than i was suppose to, so didn’t make it on time.

  The rich people way of enjoying the harbour bridge and views by walking on top of the bridge!!!
IMG_3996  IMG_3998

AMAZING view of Syndey harbour from the middle of the bridge!!!! (click to see full size pic)

Somehow while i was there, I suddenly found that steel constructions with the dimmer sun light behind really make amazing photos!!! Love it!!! Have seen some professional photographers taken beautiful photos at construction sites, didn’t thought I would experience the beauty of this steel structures here!!!
IMG_4002 IMG_4003

The remnants of the fireworks from last night during 2010 NYE firework display and the big yin yang theme hanging in the middle of the bridge.
IMG_4009 IMG_4011
Reached the other side of the bridge at Milson point.
 IMG_4022  IMG_4030
View of the Kirribilli suburb
Another amazing view of the Sydney harbour bridge and opera house from different angle!!! (click to see full size)
4047 48

You are here!!! One have to go pas the tunnel below the cahill expressway to get to the other side – Milsons point.
 IMG_4033 IMG_4034 IMG_4036
Again nice views of the bridge from different angle!!! Somehow I felt I appreciate the bridge architecture and design from those different close-up angle rather than looking at it from far!!!
IMG_4041 IMG_4042 IMG_4043 
Luna park which I didn’t enter but board the ferry to Darling harbour straight :)
  IMG_4060 IMG_4061 IMG_4062
The chinese garden of friendship near darling harbour. Require ticket to enter, well, i was unfortunate as I was always there too late, lol. But can appreciate a bit of the chinese building design outside too :)
IMG_4067 IMG_4068
IMG_4070 IMG_4071IMG_4074
Chinatown, saw this don’t know consider kawai or ugly doll which did attract my attention, first time saw it!!!
   IMG_4080 IMG_4083

Met up with my friends again and walked pass this place which I can’t remember the name while in search of nice korean food!!!
IMG_4086 IMG_4089

There’s also this gold bull in the middle of the building which have its big organ exposed publicly, LOL.

Had our nice korean food…
IMG_4090 IMG_4091

Then off to the notorious red light district of Sydney call King cross, lol. Didn’t take many photos as we don’t to offend anyone there, but yeah, it’s pub+bar+prostitute+steel poll lady area!!! 2 rows of shops that lined the st with big size body built bodyguards cum promoters to pull customers in, haha. Can’t help but being offer some business card, asking us to go in and have a PEEP!!! Wondered is it just a peep or it’s like a one way door that u can get in but not allow u to get out until you pay for service, lol. The whole place is colourful lit with all the shope lit in LEDs lights.
IMG_4093 IMG_4095

The INTRODUCTION of king cross ended pretty fast and saw this big Ad of coke oen end of the road which attracts me!!! Can’t help but to take pic of it, LOL.

Also can’t help but to pose in front ot the coke Ad, lol. Funnily, SK offered to take pic with one of the seductive business card, LOL.
IMG_4101  IMG_4108

The St.Mary’s cathedral which look so pretty and somehwat majestic like at night!!! 


The four of us with the cathedral :), A good photo!!!!


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