Saturday, November 20, 2010

AUMC O-Camp 2010-03-13-14th

My first O-week and O-Camp experience with AUMC :) Overall, it’s was a great event, and met more people of similiar interest and definitely more event like this should be organize to enhance AUMC members interaction :)

This year the AUMC is running its opening camp at the Woodhouse Activity Centre in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Woodhouse offers a range of thrilling adventure activities and learning experiences; activities such as 7 different orienteering courses,frisbee course, golf, a range of hiking trails, an obstacle course on challenge Hill, mountain biking, and as well it has available a selection of cricket, football, volleyball sports equipment available for use (Quote from Derek).

Frisbee golf game, pretty fun, where one try to throw the frisbee into the net, just like hitting a golf ball into a hole. The winner is considered as the person who threw the least times to make it into the net.
IMG_5456 IMG_5457

Jane trying to climb the tree (bottom left).
 IMG_5461 IMG_5462

Then most of us did the challenge hill obstacles course designed for scouts who usually use this ground for training.
IMG_5475 IMG_5472

Brad thinking hmm…should he slide down?? haha. The rat house on the bottom right pic, which require u to crawl in total darkness from end to end, pretty much like a rat, lol.
IMG_5474  IMG_5481

More things to play with :)
 IMG_5484 IMG_5485
 IMG_5489 IMG_5496

Finished!!! not very hard in general, haha, though some are quite hard and of course we didn’t did them in sequence and only did part of the obstacle course for fun and kill time before the big dinner BBQ :)

The AUMC's opening camp (O-camp) is as much a social event as it is an opportunity to experience a range of outdoor based activities. Meet the AUMC committee, who organise and run many of the trips for the AUMC, but also to meet new and old AUMC members who share a common interest in pursuing outdoor activities. Talk to people and find out what interests they have and what trips people are interested in doing or thinking of doing. (Quote from Derek).

It did achieve it’s purpose and i reckoned was indeed a great chance to meet other AUMC members especially those that didn’t prefer to join long trips but keen on shorter ones like this one :).
 IMG_5513 IMG_5514 IMG_5516

Jono and Leigh arrived later with their bikes, some more Jono rode all the way here from the western suburb!!!! And looked at all the snags!!!
IMG_5517 IMG_5519 IMG_5520

Emma and Jess made some biscuits with kit kat and melted marshmallow toppings for us, thx girls!!! Very yummy!!!
IMG_5521 IMG_5522 IMG_5523

And of course, Aussies, not forgetting to drink, haha. All in all, a fun day chatting and sharing!!!
IMG_5524 IMG_5525