Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tasmania, the hidden jewel of Australia 2010/08/01-15 Day2

It’s always nice waking up to the gentle warm sunlight, the birds chipping, and find that you are surrounded by mother nature!!!!

The peaceful morning ….isn’t it amazing?? The morning sun rays cutting through the trees, love it!!!! This was where we parked our car to get into Mt.Field national park for our early morning walk.

Kinda freezing cold!!!

IMG_8094 IMG_8096

One of favourite macro shot of morning dew in crystal ice :)

Everywhere that was exposed to the bitter coldness especially the patch of grass were snap-freezed waiting for the sun ray to hit them and melt off the ice.

Mt.Field national park is one of tassie’s most famous national park because of its close proximity to Hobart city and its famous waterfalls. It’s a great place to do a jog or walk, enjoying the lush green of temperate rainforest. Of course, there are harder stuff for those keen. But we were there for a short morning walk, so we only the short circuit near the headquarters.
IMG_8103 IMG_8106

The temperate rainforest here at the bottom of Mt.field have some of the world tallest tree and oldest giant trees!!!! And of course, heaps of mosses and tall huge fern trees!!!

The most famous waterfall of Tassie, Russell falls!!!! It appeared on the stamp of Australia recently. On its full bigger scale, the water flowing down can be more captivating than what i shot here, because basically the waterfall is divided into the higher falls and the lower falls, and when there’s lots of water, the flow make down straight 90 degree forming a curtain like falls.

Although i thought i will be able to see that curtain-like falls because it has been quite wet, obviously it doesn’t work that way, haha. Not sure why.

A second higher up but smallerfall – horseshoe falls

The circuit was short but it was really nice and suitable for a morning walk, surrounded by the fresh crisp air and greeneries!!!

As Hobart is located kinda mid south east of tassie island, and we need to get to Launceston to pick Jono then head off to our 1st destination of the whole escape, we need to drive up north. In that sense, i missed some great towns and sites but luckily this beautiful countryside town was along the way!!!!

This is Ross, one of Australia's most appealing 19th century convict-built stone villages. Some said the most pretty historic town in Tassie!!!

Here’s the famous Ross bridge along the Macquarie river!!! the 3rd oldest Tassie bridge!!!! One don’t get to see many of this kind of bridge anymore around Australia, and the architectural design of the bridge is so NICE!!!!! I can sit by the bank of the river for a whole day!!!!!

Really love the feeling this town gave me, even though we just stopped by for a while at the famous bakery which makes some of the finest bread using old style oven. This town managed to perserve its originality & sleepy character.

Launceston!!! Tassie second biggest town after Hobart, the centre of the northern island!!! There’s some old style buildings around here too. Besides there’s also a famous gorge just inside the city, though we didn’t have time for that. Instead we spent time checking bit of internet, charging our camera+phone, buying last minute stuff before our serious hike :)
IMG_8141 IMG_8144

We met up with Jono and left him again to pick him early morning the following day and wondered off to see a Swedish viallge outside of launceston (bottom right pic).
 IMG_8146 IMG_8148

I have never seen a Swedish village (not the exact one but mirror one), and was lucky enough to see them on this trip. I realized they built their cottages using the A-frame roof, which is similiar to the home country Sweden because the A-frame rooftop doesn’t keep snow :)
IMG_8150 IMG_8156

There’s a lookout, and it’s just brilliant for us as it’s approaching sunset!!!
IMG_8161 IMG_8166

Anywhere you turn to 360 degree, it’s just spectacular view!!!

Again we have to find our sleeping spot tonight but it has to nearby so that we don’t need to travel far to pick up Jono.

And this time it’s right next to this lake!!! OMG!!! Couldn’t believe it right??!! We just reached there right on time for this splendid reflection of sunset!!!

I was busy snapping photos while Alex just chill and went to look for a camping spot. (WE had a bit of difficulty in finding camping spot because we are not far off enough from major towns/city, thus there’s no free camping sites nearby. Somehow we managed to find this one and actually escape from the patrol officer that came to lock up the toilet, why?? WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO CAMP or zzz in the car there!!! LOL, again Alex zzz in his tent, while i zzz in the car).

A nice camping style dinner and a bit of chill out on the picnic table, we decided to call it a day. Excited once again for the following day’s big plan!!!!


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