Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tasmania, the hidden jewel of Australia 2010/08/01-15 day 11

The next morning, we headed for our final destination of this Tasie trip – Walls of Jerusalem National park. Walls of Jerusalem is another World heritage area of Tasmania linked with the greater world heritage area. This national park is a small one compared to the others, but full of of backcountry unspoilt alpine wilderness. Tell you what??!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE SO MUCH!!!! You’ll see why when you read on!!!

It was a bit of a drive to the car park of the national park, and it was raining, LOL. There’s no car there other than ours. And there’s a sign there saying park at your own risk, LOL. Alex was cursing why put that sign up?? Now he don’t feel so at ease of leaving his car there. Apparently, because this car park is not guarded and so isolated, hence there’s been a few car break in that occurred here.

Nonetheless, despite the weather and the sign, LOL, we are GOING IN!!!! Yeah!!!

IMG_9064 IMG_9066
The first bit of walking wasn’t so bad, it’s pretty flat.

Alex registering the group at the information and registration shelter.

Somehow i was having problem, LOL. THe reason??? i was reading in the car and it made me felt sick and very uncomfortable throughout my whole body. This happened to me many times before back in Malaysia every time i tried to read in the car, but somehow it was OKAY most of the time while i am in Oz!!! So i read on the way to Walls of Jerusalem, and ……sigh, i felt like vomiting and weak after reading a while. Nothing can heal it unless i get out of the car and do something else.

So i was tailing behind for a quite a bit all the way to Tapper’s hut, the first hut along the track. Luckily halfway, i felt much better and was able to walk normally and caught up with Alex and Jono.

Still it was raining, the whole day it rained!!!

It was actually quite a short hike to Tapper’s hut, we reached Tapper’s hut in an hour, lol!! but because the weather ain’t going to get better at all, we decided to call it a day by staying in the tiny Tapper’s hut. Luckily they are no one there besides us, and the hut can just fit the 3 of us with just a little bit of space left, lol. There's a small stream 200 meters away, making it so convenient for getting water and drinking!!!

Nice historic story telling about the hut which i spent a bit of AMPLE time reading. It was only noon 1.30pm when we reached the hut. So we had the whole afternoon to ourselves, lol. Apparently, this hut was used during winter when the trappers would go and trap the animals that have grown heaps of furs to survive winter. The animals trapped would be brought back to the trapper’s hut to skin …etc. The skin + fur would be hang up and smoked to dry it ….etc, until it’s ready and brought down for sell. This hut have actually been renovated a few times, so it’s really depicting how it was ages ago, still one would imagine staying in this hut to trap, smoke during winter would be a pretty harsh life!!!

The hut ain’t the best of course, it’s kinda more of an emergency hut i reckoned. There’s water dripping down from the roof or side, LOL. Luckily not a lot. At some point, the rain turned into wet snow, LOL!!!! We went out to enjoy it ONLY for a few minutes before it turned back into water droplets, lol. The place got dark quickly in winter and we had our dinner early, and we called it a night early, hoping the weather will turn better tomorrow.