Sunday, August 28, 2011

Melbourne!!! 2010-09-21-22 day1

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MY first official visit to Melbourne!!! Pass by this city twice before this but only got a glance. Of course, the first impression was that it’s a lot more alive than Adelaide, heaps more skyscrapers. The CBD is bigger too of course :) Though i really didn't knew that Melbourne was listed as one of the UNESCO city of literature!!! haha.

To a brand new city on my own was ALWAYS fun & exciting, I really like this kind of exploration like a backpacker though i’m here on an official mission. First off, to find my backpacker hostel from the Southern cross station, the interchanging hub of public transport in Melbourne.
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On the way to the hostel, behind me was a splendid sunset. There’s many old Victorian style buildings among the many new modern buildings too. The old buildings looks really nice which kinda remind you that you are in a western country, while the newer buildings all comes with different architectural designs, afterall Melbourne is the art and festival city of Australia.

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Along bourke st, the second busiest street in Melbourne CBD after Collins street, which is home to two major luxury department store – Myer and David Jones.

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Royal arcade, one of the best preserved Victorian style arcade in Melbourne. Very grand look. Looks pre
tty similiar to Adelaide’s Adelaide arcade.

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The Melbourne town hall with its own clock tower on the right pic along Swanston street.

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Found my hostel, which i must say is definitely not hard to find. It’s located above a police station, haha. So should pretty safe eventhough it’s located on an alley off the main road.

Somehow i found this street florist with its lightings along side Swanston street very attractive. Something you can see in Australia major cities and worldwide.

My dinner for the 1st night at the end of Elizabeth street. This should showed that i’ve done some research right?? It’s a m’sian north indian food, though i would say more towards just northern indian food, haha. It’s a long story that i found this shop which serves FANSTATIC nasi bryani with lamb!!! Love it so much that i went back everytime i went back to Melbourne, lol. I don’t think i have such a tasty Nasi bryani back in M’sia.

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Went for another late night stroll in the CBD. This is GPO, a former post office in Melbourne but now a shopping mall. Located on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Bourke Street in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, it is a landmark of the city and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (,_Melbourne). The picture above showed the walkway with warn yellow lightings. It looked quite a bit like the Kuching post office in fact.

IMG_9548 IMG_9551
Some sort of spanish or european bakery which i forgot the names, haha. Another pic of another city lane with heaps of restaurant to pick.

The famous Flinders Street Railway Station at the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets is the oldest station in Australia (1910) although the first station on this site opened in 1854! Definitely one of the busiest suburban railway station i have ever seen!!!

Federation square opposite the Franklin st railway station. All these icons are just right smack bang in the centre of the CBD next to the Yarra river. It’s the perfect place for small concerts, promos, gatherings…etc.

IMG_9558 IMG_9562
Some interesting neon lightings on one of the tenant restaurants of the federation square. Another icon of Melbourne, the Victorian Art Centre with its tower that looks a bit like the Paris Eiffel tower.

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The night view of the Melbourne CBD buildings and skycrapers along the Yarra river from Southbank.

Click to see enlarge view!!! Overlooking part of Melbourne’s hoddle’s grid from Southbank precinct.

 IMG_9591 IMG_9594
Inside Southgate, one of the shopping mall along the Southbank.

 IMG_9601 IMG_9607
Walking along the Southbank promenade.

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My first sight of Australia’s tallest building, the Eureka Tower!!!It’s also the tallest public vantage point in the sourthern hemisphere!!!

Inside the Crown entertainment complex, which housed a luxurious hotel, shopping boutiques, fine dining restaurants, a casino, etc. While inside, i was so impressed by the atmosphere inside, and there’s someone playing the song “kiss from a rose, seal” on the grand piano inside the casino!!!! Though, i was just standing outside the casino, haha.

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The darkly lit foyer of the Crown Hotel is worth a look because of its towering ceilings, impressive staircases and water features.

90-minute Four Seasons light show in the five-storey atrium takes place at night ( The light show was really spectacular!!!!

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After visited the Crown entertainment comples, i walked back to my hostel across the southbank footbridge which is just another modernly designed bridge….Ooops!!! iT’s midnight 1-2am already, i still got to wake up super early tomorrow to catch the tram…LOL.