Sunday, November 27, 2011

2010_11_07 Adelaide Goverment house open day

A visit to the Adelaide Government house which is located at the corner between King william st and nrth tce. This house has sparked some curiousity in me everytime i walk along the tall wall of its perimeter. 

 The only time i can have a peep was through the front gate which has a driveway that leads into the house or i should call mansion!!!

This house only opens a few times every year and i have always missed it or either too lazy to get into the CBD to visit.

Somehow i managed to visit it at least once :) When i got in there, i was surprised to see some people dressing up in victorian style!!! Apparently there's a society of these people that gather during events and dressed up for the occasion!!! And i must say it make the visit more unique as that's the first time i saw people dressing in victorian style and i like it, felt like i'm in a victorian age!!!

The compound of the house is huge with a nice garden, trees and lawn grass!!! 

The house is huge and as you can see, there's many windows to allow the sun light!!!

Typical setting of a elegant western style interior!!!

These collections of soft toys were those sent to the Governor to say thank you to him!!!

Duno what room is this but it seems like the big hall where functions are held, one can imagine yourself dancing here!!! The big windows, the chandeliers, and long curtains are really beautiful!!! One get to read the history of this house a bit and the function of the Governor and some histories :)

The library?? 

 The working room of the Governer!!! Hmmm....can i have a room like this too?? lol

The dining room!!! This table is mainly used for entertaining guests. 

How nice it is to be sitting in here enjoying your meal?? 

I like how they decorated the stair with arts of the same frame!!!

Trying to take the picture of the Governor but got this, haha.

Some more rooms and separate living rooms, mainly for guests like the Queen!!! The Queen of UK is a frequent guest here. Really love the window allowing the ambience light into the room!!!

We were only allowed to tour the ground floor of the house :)

Really love their outfits and smiles :)

It's a nice visit after all!!!

Because it's also the day of some war day or something, haha. There's all these little crosses along north tce to commemorate those who sacrifices for peace including their contribution to Malaya borneo!!!


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