Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jap Drama: SuMMersnoW 夏之雪

Another japanese drama which i liked very much.....


A love story between a young man who has been forced to grow up too quickly, and a young woman with an ailment that has placed restrictions on her life. Natsuo (Domoto Tsuyoshi) has been looking after his younger brother and sister since the death of their parents. He has also been running the family bicycle shop. Yuki (Hirosue Ryoko) becomes the only person in the world in whom he can confide. For Yuki, Natsuo becomes the catalyst that has her trying to break out of her cocoon.

Summer Snow covers a variety of areas such as teen pregnancy, taking responsibility for your actions, true love, sacrifice, knowing when to do what's right, choosing to live your life depsite physical limitations and many others. I would readily suggest this to anyone who wants to watch the best of Japanese dramas.
Here's Summersnow song from akira senju..........i just LOVE tis song!!