Sunday, October 28, 2007

STARCRAFT the sequel......yeah

Blizzard has just made the announcement, nearly ten years after the original, Blizzard officially confirms a StarCraft sequel in the works.

Haha, fans around the world have waited nearly ten years to hear: Blizzard is resurrecting the revered StarCraft franchise with StarCraft 2.

Check on the Blizzard website at for starcraft 2 ......
I can still remembered the days when i was in my secondary schools (form2 i guessed)........, my friend ah nen, introduce me Starcraft, and brought me to cyber cafes to play this game on LAN (local area network). Starcraft: Brood war was already out when i started playing the game......, and EVERYONE was crazy about it, competing among friends in cyber cafes......., in

I wondered how much have i spent on to play this game LAN in cyber cafes where gameplay per hour in cyber cafes that time was RM2-3, depeding where and when you played.......sometimes there were promotions......haha......those were the days..........and FUNNY, this game sort of linked me and friends together, even new friends.......guessed playing computer games might not be that bad.........

Right now, only terran and protoss's army were developed, zerg is still under development and coming soon.

Terran has new units:-

Viking-the viking was designed to be the ultimate anti-air and ground-support weapon system. With the ability to change its combat role from an assault walker to an air-superiority fighter, the viking can switch smoothly to fulfill tactical needs in a developing battle.''

Thor- super robots with 250mm Bombardment Cannon and act as a Ultimate Heavy-assault Mech

Sensor Tower-A sensor tower processes a whole battery of input, constantly updating a commander's knowledge of the battlefield. By using both passive and active thermal and electromagnetic scanning mixed with millimetric radar sweeps, input from seismic sensors, and Doppler analysis, a sensor tower can quickly pinpoint any target within range. Even foes that are out of sight behind terrain can be detected, although a visual verification will still be required to positively identify them.

Protoss have:

Motherships-The oldest and most powerful weapons of the protoss have been awakened and are prepared to burn the galaxy to avenge the loss of the protoss homeworld.

Warp Ray


Pheonix's the cinematic trailer of starcraft 2 and a gameplay shown in korea world international, enjoy :)


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