Saturday, February 7, 2009

The last lecture and slumdog millionaire

The last lecture

book was given to me as a farewell present from Lin Hui Senior, haha. At first sight, it's doesn't seem to interest me very much. My brain at that time have no space for these stuffs. In fact, i'm not the first person to read the book after it was given to me, haha. It was Hj whom borrowed from me and told me it was a nice motivating book!!! Still, i was too bz to bother.....kept it , and brought it over to Adelaide with me, hoping i'll be able to find some time to read it :)

On last Xmas holidays, i finally opened the book and started reading it. Not bad for a start, haha, and surprisingly i was reading it when i'm free and cooking.

It was actually a REAL last lecture from Prof Randy Pausch given in Carnagie Mellon university, a very special lecture that is different from other last lectures which usually talk about the working area and interest. This last lecture was so inspiring and it was recorded and somehow put on Youtube, and somehow inspired many MORE online. It became so famous that Ophrah show have it, TIME magazine, .....etc. The last lecture book was simply what Prof Randy had used in his last lecture in words and with extra details.....

It just took me 2-3 weeks spending time reading it when i'm free to finish it. I would recommend u all to read the book or log on to to view Prof Randy's last lecture!!!

Believe me, you will be inspired and learned sthg from it in which i do :)

If u cant afford to buy the book, just log on to the website above to view the 1hr plus plus's all in there!!!! FOR FREE!!!!

Next up, Slumdog millionaire!!!!
Wat comes across your mind when you heard of a movie title: slumdog millionaire??

If you look at the poster, it doesn't seem interesting at all!!!
But seriouslly, this is one of the best movie i have seen so far......HIghly recommended!!
This movie has won multiple awards, and aussie frens recommend it after they have watch it!!!

So what's so great about this movie???

It was about an indian boy's tale in becoming a millionaire!!!!


  1. i saw the episode on Oprah where he was guest. it was so sad! is the content in the book the same as the one in his last lecture presentation? i should jus view it on youtube. need to be inspired. hehe. must watch slumdog millionaire too. isit a real story?

  2. ya, basically what is covered in the youtube talk is covered in the book as well, just that with few more words, elaboration and a few pages of his life, his family, more personal stories :), but all the advices were all delivered in the 1hr plus talk :)

    Ya, i have no idea whether the story of slumdog millionaire is a true story or not, but i DOUBT it. But it's definitely HIGHLY recommended :)