Saturday, February 7, 2009

New blog look for yr of Ox 2009....

My 1st blog look....haha.

I started blogging somewhere in Nov of 2007 in wordpress, pretty late to catch up with the blogging bandwagon. Switch to blogspot for its flexibility and more features in early 2008. It all started when i have a very awesome KK trip back then in mid 2007 and many more following that.The year i finally grad, have more freedom, time to travel around. Too many exciting events, memorable memories and beautiful pictures to upload into any other host like frenster (no facebook yet), MSN space, (dun wan flikr coz i cant write). Saw blog like kenny sia, my fren's blog...etc, so of all the features i wanted, blogging is the way.

I dun really like to blog my feelings or wat happened day n night, everyday life.....i only blog special events, memorables 1. So thus it's a blog of travel, songs, dramas and life. It kind of became my electronic diary of events that happened in my life, though it's quite late to start, yet i still found it useful to me especially in the future. Ever wonder what do you do with all the digital pictures you have taken millions??? what did you do after watching them for a few days, with frens?? keep them in ur pc somewhere? burn them into CDs, DVDs?? or developed some of those really beautiful and REALLy worth ones?? what happened to the others or extra photos?
Thus, this caused me to blog even more on my memorable events, blogging allowed me to upload the photos, as many as u wan....and the GREAT part is you get to write on them!!! Ever wonder, looking back at the photos, wonder where? what? how?? By writing them down....and keeping them's there FOREVER, haha. Unless blogspot close down!!!

Suddenly had the idea of changing the blog look, got to give it up for some new change in 2009. Although i myself pretty much like the old look, but ya...some change is good. This old look look black and stylish in some way.....COOL, that's what most ppl like about it. The black background make the pictures stand out a lot compared to other colours. I like the small colourful banner - colours of life which i name it the most out of the whole old blog look. The colours looked vy vibrant, representing the happenings in life, either up or down, bright or dull...etc.

Still had several changes to my blog design before i stick to this one - greenish look. Had been looking for a change yet stylish, not too strong design. I'm still me....thus my blog look should not be way off from stylish, cool and artistic look. Haha. Well, this current green -A New Horizon... look gona stay till 2010.

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