Sunday, February 21, 2010

Christine Beach…

IMG_0349Was up very early, the sky was not showing a good sign.

Have to run to catch the early bus to get to Noarlunga to have my 1st diving experience :) (I’ll talk bout the 1st diving experience next time).

So after the dive, went for a stroll around Christine beach. THe weather was fast changing from beautiful blue sky to dark fearsome skies. My Gore-tex weather jacket again shielded me from the rain and strong wind during the walk.

 IMG_0361 IMG_0362

It was fun looking at the kids enjoying the strong wind and trying to put the Australia flag up :)
IMG_0365 IMG_0363

Word of the aborigines –Yerra meaning Earth. There’s quite a few of these stones around here.
  IMG_0376 IMG_0378
IMG_0380 IMG_0381

Caravan park, something we never have in Malaysia. Here there’s always a caravan park everywhere near a holiday spot providing a cheaper way of accomodation ( if you owned a caravan, lol).
IMG_0382 IMG_0392

Despite the bad weather, i still went along for a walk around the beach area….haha. The sea was so ROUGH!!!!
IMG_0406 IMG_0409
IMG_0408  IMG_0420

Felt like the angry waves gona engulf the coastal town, lol.
IMG_0440 IMG_0444

One of the bluff between Noarlunga and Port Noarlunga. From the high point, one can see the waves is hitting hard on the Noarlunga Reef line.
IMG_0456  IMG_0455

Random photos on my way back, this house looks quite unique, like the colour combination :)
And saw all these birds quite close, a kind of parrot like species.
 IMG_0462 IMG_0468

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