Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun time at the Barossa!!! 18th Nov 09

Went to famous Barossa Valley for the 4th Barossa Meeting conference organized by IMVS, Centre for cancer biology.

Barossa is Australia most famous wine region. Tourists that come to South Australia will definitely drop by a couple of cellar doors for wine tasting. And it’s just roughly an hour ish away from Adelaide.

The Barossa has a rich food and wine culture that is reflected in its premium wine production, abundant seasonal produce and specialty food products which include artisan cheese and breads, unique smoked and cured meats.

The Barossa is the only Australian destination to be listed on the New York Times list of '53 places To Go To in 2008', and in October 2008 was listed as one of the world 's top 10 wine destinations by the world 's largest online travel community, TripAdvisor, alongside Bordeaux and Tuscany.

For more reading on The Barossa, visit

Leaving from IMVS heading to The Barossa!!!! YEah!! The conference was held in Novotel hotel, which somehow to me, er….seem so so, haha. Not a big one, but quite a famous one with many facilities, pool, sports, archery, golf course…
IMG_0213 IMG_0215

However the room was NOT bad, in fact i like it quite a lot. Funny thing here is, u have to pay for internet at an expensive rate despite u pay so much for the room =.=!!! Xiao, JO, Tash and Andrew in the pool for an early swim during the hot summer before the 1st talk.
IMG_0218 IMG_0224

Anastasia, Leila , Karina (pic on bottom left), Karina from Perth and me :) on the bottom right.
IMG_0225 IMG_0226

As i din dip in the pool, i went for a walk with my camera, trying to get some shots of the wine region :)
The Novotel hotel even have a GIANT set of chess, haha. Too bad, too hot to play a game.
IMG_0229 IMG_0232

Snake Habitat?? Din see any snake at all, haha.
IMG_0233 IMG_0237

Love these plants!!!!
IMG_0242 IMG_0246

Winery from far…

Somehow, i always thought that the winery region is ALL green, but haha, it seems like only the vineyards are green, others were just dead and dried after the drought.
IMG_0252 IMG_0253 IMG_0255 IMG_0256 IMG_0257 IMG_0258 IMG_0259  IMG_0277

Phil giving his talk (bottom left pic). Me and Cam post doc!!!
IMG_0284 IMG_0285

XIao and Jo. Xiao was kinda all out, released, haha. It’s not like her to act funny here and there.
IMG_0287 IMG_0289

Wine, wine and more wine. After a great dinner, we hanged out in the local lounge/pub for another wine drinking, haha.
IMG_0291 IMG_0294

Phil acting funny, drunk and stupid, haha.

Right to left: Phil, Tash, Karina, Jarrod, Jo, Cam, Xiao and me :)

Greeted by the early morning sun to go for the next section of the conference :)IMG_0298 IMG_0299 IMG_0300

Me, Karina and a NZ gal (Opps, cant remember here name, hehe).

I left the conference the 2nd day, back to lab, while others continue to have fun!!! Shots on the way back with Sam Dyer. What could be better than a nice lovely blue weather with the lines of vineyards!!!!
IMG_0311 IMG_0314  IMG_0328 

Photos of others that continued to stay for the next two days.Got them from Karina :)

Tash & Jo ( bottom left), Tash & Karina (bottom right).
14237_369373880296_665635296_10110210_4467999_n 14237_369373885296_665635296_10110211_8322552_n

Yang and Phil (bottom left), Anastasia partying (bottom right).
14237_369373890296_665635296_10110212_7599791_n 14237_369373900296_665635296_10110214_4440484_n

The picture that made me drop my jaws, Greg dancing!!!! (bottom left), Tash trying to pull Andrew for a dance (bottom right), haha.
14237_369373920296_665635296_10110216_6786471_n 14237_369373925296_665635296_10110217_5843635_n

Jarrod and Melisa (bottom left), Frank and Xiao dancing!!!!! (bottom right)
14237_369373950296_665635296_10110221_8074488_n 14237_369373985296_665635296_10110227_7510922_n 14237_369374020296_665635296_10110232_1745568_n

THe ladies!!!!

It was great fun that i really enjoyed myself even for just 2 days. Hanging with all the colleagues outside of lab is totally a different experience especially in this kind drinking occasion, haha. All the them really know when to loosen themselves when they had a chance :)