Saturday, July 24, 2010

To NSW(9): The University of New SOuth Wales (UNSW)

This uni was where some of my new Sydney friends studied and it was just like <5mins to walk there!!! How convenient for them, near to uni, near to fotocopy shop, near to tasty but cheap restaurant, near to city centre…

Heard from them it’s very pretty at night and must pay a visit!!!
SO here I am at the university mall, can’t remember what’s the other name for this place, duno walk of wat!!! Wei yan if u saw this post, pls tell me by leaving a comment, haha :).

Btw, indeed this university mall/landscape is very unbelievable attractive for a uni!!! I wished i can see this in UM, haha. Though, having said that, this uni is pretty new, so most of the design and buildings are according to the recent stylish modern design.

IMG_3287 IMG_3288
There’s also this interesting giant steel globe at the end of the university mall!!! NOt sure why is it there but seems certainly for landscape design.

IMG_3291 IMG_3292
Wei yan told Yong han that students climb the globe to take photos during graduation, haha. But we climbed it for FUN!!! Not easy though, have to use the toes and fingers to make it to the top!!! We have to sneak climb it like thieves by making sure there’s no others looking at us, LOL.