Saturday, July 17, 2010

To NSW(7): Boxing day in Sydney 2009!!!

IMG_2621It’s my 2nd boxing day spent in OZ, first in Adelaide with my postdoc’s family while this time it’s in Sydney!!! haha. Again, boxing day is just another shopping frenzy day for many people.

I joined my new pals to see how frenzy are the Sydney siders!!! See for yourself and open your eyes!!! LOL.
IMG_2611 IMG_2613

This shopping complex is the Famous old victorian style QVB (Queens Victoria builiding) within the business district with ornate Romanesque Revival style. Very beautiful indeed!!! Felt like you enter a European building!!! my camera is getting old!!! It's slowly having cataract & blurry visions :(

Me with Wei Yan (cheah) on the left and Yong han on the right :). They are still the sensible shopping people, haha. They have spent 1-2 days before boxing day to survey for price and what to buy, even helping their sisters, whoever relative to buy too!!! But the good thing is they also bought gifts (NOT CHEAP) for their dad and mum, how nice!!!
IMG_2608 IMG_2609 

The BEAUTIFULLY lighted big xmas tree at the centre of QVB!!! Can’t say no to photos with it!!! You don’t get such trees in Adelaide, haha. TOo bad……
 IMG_2617 IMG_2619

Shopping Frenzy just like zombies going for sales instead blood here!!!

Did thought of taking photos at the bottom of the Xmas tree, but just meaningless because you can never shoot a good photo without the shopping zombies!!!

This was the first time I saw those brands!!! In fact, if someone show me those brands somewhere else, i wouldn’t have know how BRANDED they are!!!!! That day really OPENED my eyes WIDE!!! felt so katak in the tempurung!!! LOL.

SEE, see, see…….to masuk a shop, u have to queue up just like LV sales in Msia, but this is like almost every shop here!!!

One obvious sign that I couldn’t help mentioning it here is most of the shopping zombies are Asians!!!! I guessed it rans in all the Asians blood the hunger for sales!!! In fact, many local OZies prefer to stay at home today!!!
 IMG_2630 IMG_2631

See?? looks like Tokyo!!! Crazy!! mahu move around pun susah!!!
IMG_2632 IMG_2633 

IMG_2637  I seriouslly think those that drove in were dumbs or have too much time!!! I can walk heaps faster from one point to other point 10X faster than those in the cars!!! The only logic is those people will buy thousands of dollars worth of stuff that they can’t carry with hand alone which seems is COMMON during boxing day!!!

Sydney surprisingly has many parks!!! And those parks are pretty!!!!

Waiting for bus to 2nd destination – bondi interchange shopping complex!!! Even the buses got stuck in the traffic, we ended up having to walk a bit, LOL!!!
IMG_2644 IMG_2645

But luckily my pals know what is food and hungriness, haha despite the hunger to rush to grab their targeted stuff before anyone else grabs them!!! We have ramen which WY recommended, which actually tasted quite good!! but food too, u have to queue!!!

One thing I’m surprised was, there is a minimum order to dine there!!! in this case, 8$ minimum, which i was told quite common in Sydney!!!
Jesus christ!!!

I also overheard a conversation here between two OZ locals regretting coming out on that day, saying he should have seen it coming!!!

The Xmas deco in the bondi interchange shopping complex.
 IMG_2648  IMG_2650

Whole day gone from early morning 7-8am till evening hunting for sales stuff!!! 7 early 8 early already people waiting for the shopping complex doors to open, some even have to have security guards to control the shopping complex traffic!!!

As for dinner, tried something NEW, crepes!!! from french apparently, the chef was very nice and know a bit of Malay too, haha.
IMG_2652 IMG_2654

The salmon crepes served with a bit of caviars, tasted quite good, but not much though!!!
IMG_2655 IMG_2656
So much for the shopping frenzy experience during boxing day in Sydney!!!