Sunday, September 12, 2010

2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 虎年 (1)

Well, finally make it to the year of 2010, lol. How has 2007, 2008 and 2009 been for me?? And what’s ahead in 2010 the year of tiger??

Been wanted to write this post for a while but my blog time line has not reach yet until now, lol.

I guessed the biggest thing that happened to me in 2008 cum 2009  was I finally got a scholarship that I worked hard for to try to further my study overseas, which was something I didn’t really anticipate too much but hope for so much.

2008 has been a year of confusion, lost and found. Grad in the end of 2007, it’s like u have been released and gain freedom from years of study (went KK), finally into the real world, but then things kinda never really work the way u thought naively. As soon as you realized you are free, you also realized you are not actually free, freedom and holidays are just temporary. And you always found yourself racing against time, against friends, against the ever changing society. E.g Before you even grad, some have went for job interviews, secure a job etc. U might think I think too much, but the fact is that’s the Malaysian society now. It’s just bizarre!!!!

So was I trapped in this kind of trend, but can’t think and haven’t decide much yet. Everything got to be fast, and I landed to work as temporary RA even before I convo and perhaps almost doing a master. Can’t say that I have wasted my 2008 totally as it has been quite a not too bad year for me, it’s always good to have a gap in between to thoroughly think bout life and what you want.

It’s a year that gained some good friendships and became a more KL and PJ person. Also begin to travel more. It’s been slow and crawling for my career or aims, but great for bit of fun and enjoying life while u can, lol.
IMG_4533 I must say that it wasn’t until late 2007 and 2008 that I began to know West M’sia better ,explored more, climbed more peaks. It was a fun year i might say, some good memories. The 1st time being out of M’sia to a foreign country even though it’s just the nearest neighbour, Singapore. But that alone was very exciting for me, made my passport and got the 1st stamp!!!! Like a “sakai” or kampong boy out of kampong, haha. Then 1st time to Southern Thailand which was a good one too, lol.

At the same time, almost not a single day passed thinking what’s next!!! What do u want!! A holiday, a trip finished and you are back to square one. While trying to get myself into pursuing a master, I have never given away the thought or dream of going oversea to study and experience life in a foreign country. The more I stayed in M’sia, the more I wanted to pursue my dream before i miss or have no chance.

At some point, it’s been decided. Yes, I’ll try my best for at least one year to snap whatever opportunities to further overseas. It has been something that i tried to do it secretly so that I’m the only one anticipating the end-results without the pressure from others, lol. Anyway, yeah since that decision, I have kept myself bz until friends began to get worried, lol, just because I suddenly became more anti-social and they were all curious what am I doing to be so bz, lol. But trust me, it’s been quite a hell to get over the whole task and I’m so glad that it’s over.

One can perhaps describe that as the transition year, lol.

Until the very last minute, after all the decisions made, settled all the requirements, it’s still a hell bz time until I fly. Unforeseen things came up, have to solve this and that, not a break at all except the only few days home in Kuching.

Funnily, as I have always wanted to gain my own independence and freedom, I didn’t miss the home that many would miss, yes it is very comfortable at home, very convenient, u have almost all the essentials, the home cooked food, etc, BUT that’s not what/where I wana lead my life, I have my own dreams that I wana achieve!!! Perhaps  throughout my Uni years, I’ve toughen myself, lol.

I guessed I did missed many friends and food, lol. But that’s part of the process of growing up I guessed, lol. Friends will not be there forever :), nothing remains the same.

Wana say thanks to all that bid me farewell, good luck and all the good wishes, they have make my days brighter and cheerful. No doubt, there were a few tears during my departure, but…lol. I did miss ya all :)