Sunday, September 5, 2010

To NSW(15): Random events n pic in Sydney :)

Random photos of random events took place while I’m in Sydney :)

Basketball!!! haha, didn’t thought i would play basketball there too ( a few times, coz easy to get to), haha. Better than in Adelaide lar, coz i din go join basketball club, so bought a ball that ended up in the cupboard, lol.

Heaps of batmen starting their afternoon shifts!!!

Buildings that looked funny, can’t remember what it is again, might be the powerhouse museum which i didn’t enter.

Sydney’s paddy market like M’sia petaling st, selling “thing thing tang tang” though in a much organized way, lol.

I think almost everywhere in Australia city/bigger towns has clock towers like this, haha.

Late midnight to Casino at darling harbour because we couldn’t get into lowenbrau. Just another casino, nthg fancy, no amazing xmas deco,  though my frens did lose a bit, haha.

Waiting for the 2-3am bus at Queens Elizabeth st.

A little bday surprise for Anson To, the HK housemate of WY. A leng zai to most girls indeed.
IMG_4168  IMG_4174

The day of their departure and my last night in the apartment, LOL. Oh Memories……

There are still many places to go if one wanted to in Sydney which I missed out/didn’t plan, e.g manly beach, manly beach- kirribili walk, all the museums, Leichardt Italian-like suburb, Sydney Olympic park (not so recommended???, lol), etc. One place that most ppl would say i missed out definitely is the fishermen’s market which happens on every Saturday if i’m not mistaken, their fresh oyster, seafood….oh well….guessed maybe aNOoother time, haha.

And today I only realized that I missed out on one of the best sky bar in Sydney, will go to that next time for sure, lol.

Well, i guessed that wraps up my 2009/2010 NSW: Sydney/blue mountains tour!!!