Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SA outback wilderness: Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park day 2

All geared up and ready to start our hike!!!!

One of the irritating thing here besides the scotching sun and dryness are the sand flies!!! The sand flies here were really really irritating!!! It’s just follow you everywhere by using anything on you as mean of easy transport!!! It just try to go in any holes!!! your nostrils, your mouth, your eyes…etc!!! It’s a bit hard not be bother by their presence but once you reached a stage where you have no more energy to shoo them away and just try to ignore them as much as possible (they just too many and they never leave u). 

Amazing view at the start!!!

The walk started with an easier pace with flatter path, but as we entered the gorge, the path turns into a bed of stones that were creeks when there’s water before. The stony path was SUPER GOD DAMN hard to walk on, especially for Chung because he wored a pair of normal running sport shoes, his shoes proved unsuitable for this kind of trek. It thinner than hiking boots and it’s hard to balance. Luckily his shoes still held up.

Rock glass trees (bottom left)
 IMG_5774 IMG_5778

The trees and rocks here just looked so colourful, the eucalyptus tree bark are everywhere and their colour blend in so well with the surroundings, and the rocks here are deep red in colour.  And trust me it’s MUCH MUCH harder to walk on the bed of different shape and size of stones (bottom right pic)!!!!!!!
 IMG_5782 IMG_5784

A small creek with tannin contaminated water which we stopped for a rest and then continued along the gorge.
IMG_5785  IMG_5793

One of the thing i really like looking at here, are the different shape and size of rocky hills as well as the big fully grown eucalyptus trees!!! I love the colour of the rocks, and the patchy colour of the tree barks.
7 IMG_5822 
IMG_5824 IMG_5825 

After our lunch, it’s time to visit the famous bunyip chasm!!! It’s the first time I heard of chasm and only by then i knew what it is, lol. But to get the bunyip chasm, it requires some level of scrambling and climbing up a tree bark laid there to help getting people the difficult bit. Quite tough but it somehow excites me because it kinda looks like we were entering a whole new world, the path got narrow once we got over the climbing bit.
9  IMG_5843 IMG_5857
IMG_5862  IMG_5880

A big open spaces with a tall hill in front of us, where’s bunyip chasm??? We were not there yet, and we had to scramble higher up to get to higher elevation which kinda it’s a bit shocking for chung for i think that’s the first time he had to do something dangerous and high up.
 12  IMG_5888 13 

The hike got more and more interesting with all different rock formations.
 IMG_5912 IMG_5920
IMG_5923 15
And finally after a bit of an hike, we got to see what lies ahead, the bunyip chasm!!!! I was simply amazed by what a chasm is and can’t help falling in love with it!!!!
IMG_5926 17  
IMG_5933  IMG_5934

Heading toward the entrance of the bunyip chasm.
IMG_5936 18

Chasm is a deep, steep-sided opening in the earth's surface here refering to a steep narrow gorge.
IMG_5947 IMG_5953

Now you can appreciate how narrow and steep a chasm is!!!!
IMG_5965 IMG_5968
IMG_5995 23

The photo on the bottom left of Jono and Alex with natural light entering from the chasm was one of my favourite photo. It’s just give out a mysterious atmosphere, lol. Like some sort of portal into another world, lol!!!!
IMG_5997 IMG_6006

After visiting the bunyip chasm, it’s a hard hard work working our way up to Mt.John-Roberts, to our summit camp site!!!

Why it’s HARD HARD work??? it rocky and HEAPS OF PORCUPINE GRASS!!!!!!! Even the name of the plant should be able to give you a hint, the leaves are as SHARP as a porcupine spine!!!! Wearing shorts without gaiter going up this slope was A PAIN!!!!!
IMG_6016  IMG_6022

But I really to view of this place, because it’s just SO DIFFERENT FROM ANYTHING I SEEN before, not even in Morialta national park & St.Mary peak-wilpena pound.

Bunyip Chasm from Mt.John-Roberts, incredible geological formation!!!!!

Getting some panoramic view slowly of the Gammons as we approach the top.

Look at how many porcupines there are!!!! It’s just impossible to not get your legs scratch those pointy needle-like leaves!!!!

Oh yeah!!! the plateau……

The cairns indicating the summit of Mt.John-Roberts!!!!
 IMG_6049  IMG_6056

Jono just can’t wait to start cooking after a hard day’s work!!!!


We got to the top just on time for a splendid sunset!!!!!
34   36  

Another 2 favourite photos of mine, capturing the sunset with Jono & Alex’s silhouette!!!
 IMG_6112 IMG_6122

Bright deep red sunset, simply AWESOME!!!!

The MAGICAL part of this trip happened on the first night of our camping!!!!! As we were hanging outside chatting after our dinner, It’s total darkness but suddenly I saw this bright circular thingy rising above the horizon!!!! It’s just weird, and we all stared at it wondering what it was, until Alex suddenly said it’s THE MOON!!!! I was “are you joking??? a RED MOON??? And it was then that i began to believe it really was the moon as it steadily rises!!!! I saw white, deep yellow but NEVER A RED one!!!! FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I SAW A RED MOON WHICH WAS ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS TRIP!!!!
The photo below captured the rising moon from the horizon with 2 tiny dots at the bottom of the moon which were 2 little camps somewhere below us in the Gammons national park.

The moon just looked like a deep red star or a sun, but the difference was it’s doesn’t bring out light like the sun, lol. Apparently, this amazing phenomenon happened when the moon starts rising from the horizon only, and as it gets higher and higher, the moon become white again. It’s because of the light that travels through atmosphere to our eyes that plays the trick, while at the horizon level, it’s the furthest, so the light that travels the most is the red colour just like the sun when we are looking at a sunset  or sunrise. And because of our campsite position high up that also gave us a grand view of the horizon that we were able to witness this MAGICAL PHENOMENON!!!!!
IMG_6146 IMG_6158


  1. ya it's common to get a red moon, let me noe when u c a blue moon XD

  2. haha, oh really?? let see how common can u see one n shot one, lol. blue moon ar??? some day :)