Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SA outback wilderness: Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park day 3-5

“Eddie, get up!!!!” said Alex.

Immediately, I got out of my sleeping bag and the next thing i saw was this SPECTACULAR SUNRISE!!!!!!

It’s one of the BEST SUNRISE i have ever seen!!!!
IMG_6182 IMG_6183 
IMG_6187     IMG_6202    IMG_6214 IMG_6217 IMG_6220
IMG_6213 IMG_6239
Unfortunately, good things don’t last, it’s time for breakfast and to move on for we had a quite a long day to get to our next camp site, rover rockhole.
As soon the sun got higher, the effect of the scorching sun with its heat combined with the dryness of the gammons, it really took a BIG TOLL on me!!!
IMG_6261 IMG_6263

We were lost for a bit, but luckily Alex sensed something was wrong to avoid us from wasting our energy going further away from the correct trek under the heat.
IMG_6272 IMG_6275

The following pictures tells it all!!! You probably can count the number of trees that can provide proper shade to walk under and have a feel of how the terrain is!!!!

Click for enlarge size!!!

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IMG_6278 IMG_6283

Going down the ANNOYING porcupine grass caused all the “beautiful” scratches and cuts on our legs!!!!
 IMG_6285 IMG_6286

Went through gorges again…
IMG_6287 IMG_6288

Climbing up hills with our backpacks on…and FINALLY WATER!!!! Yes, we were near rover rockhole, I WAS SO HAPPY to see water as if i found heaven!!!! You just can’t imagine how “precious” water was back then!!!! It felt like an oasis in the desert!!!!
 IMG_6291  IMG_6293
IMG_6295 IMG_6296

Set up our tents+bug bivy…

ALex & Jono continued to cleft peak which Chung and I didn’t follow as both of us were exhausted and it’s getting quite late too, thought i should conserve my energy, lol. While waiting for them to come back, it’s time for photography :)
IMG_6307  IMG_6314

This place is A HEAVENLY OASIS!!!!
 IMG_6319   IMG_6323

Click for enlarge size!!!
52IMG_6328  IMG_6330

The following day, Alex, Jono & me went on to tackle bath tub, ferm chasm, prow point & the terrace which involved a full day side trip. The bath tub does really look like a natural bath tub though no water in it, lol (bottom left pic)

While to get to ferm chasm, the height to get up to was even worse than going to bunyip chasm!!! One have to get up 2 logs!!!
IMG_6331 IMG_6335 IMG_6336

Despite the big effort to get to ferm chasm, all was there was a pool of algae!!!! We could only see a few ferms scattered around. The ferns must have died out on one of the droughts!!!
 IMG_6338 IMG_6339 IMG_6341

On the way up another hill, we saw a narrow gorge that looked like might be fern chasm, but the plants ain’t ferns, lol.
IMG_6344 IMG_6345 IMG_6346

To get to prow point, we have to scrub bashing through thich dense mallee scrubs as shown in bottom left pic as there are not tracks up to the point!!!
IMG_6350 IMG_6356

Another spectacular view from prow point!!!!

Click for enlarge size!!!
54 IMG_6357 IMG_6358

I love this photo of the walking in the gammons reflected on a pool of water infested with heaps of sand flies!!!!

Going down the terrace!!! The terrace is like going stairs but in A BIG STEP each time!!!!

Finally we got back to our nice serene rover rockhole to enjoy our hot drink and dinner!!!!
  IMG_6373 IMG_6374

The last day was spent getting down to the gorges again and trek to lord ness well via Wortupa pound. It was an exhausting day for me, with dryness!!!!! It was a long long long walk through the never ending gorge which i can’t remember what name it was.
 IMG_6375 IMG_6376

These feral “mountain” goats nearly got us kill!!!! it was trying to get higher up the cliffs but while doing so sent rocks coming down which if hit anyone can send someone to hospital if not death!!!! (the geral goats are the black & white colours in the bottom pic). Few weeks after, this national park was closed due to these feral goats which they have to get rid off for safety purposes!!!)

Walking through Wortupa pound…

A very nice place though still far far away from lord ness well, uphill & downhill and full of plants as irritating as the porcupine grass with thorny pollens!!!

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Jono seems to be to look like a typical Caucasian bushwalker captured in the bottom 2 photos which fits very well the wortupa pound landscape, haha. Anyway, after we got to the car, it was really A LONG SERIOUS DRIVE back to Adelaide which we reached by midnight, but all thanks to Alex for organizing this trip and being the navigator in this park that have no tracks!!!! Not sure if i would like to come back to this place or not, hahahaha. Though i love rover rockhole very much just like Jono and Alex!!!!

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  1. Fantastic pictures. I walked through the Gammons in the late 1970s, it was good to see pictures of prow point and fern chasm again.


  2. Hi Greg, wow, honoured to have you visit my site and left a comment :)

    have u seen any changes from my pictures??

    Anyway, the Gammons is a really nice place!!!!

  3. Gentleman you have had pleasure of hiking through one of the most beautiful place on this planet
    great pictures walked with Greg in 84 not much water then good one Ron

  4. wow! da trekking seems tough! but sure all da hard works were paid off, fantastic pictures!


  5. thanks folks!!! love this place, hope to go back someday!!!