Tuesday, February 8, 2011

travel thoughts...

看了林悦的部落格其中一篇文章:“一个人旅行” http://myprivatemap.blogspot.com/2011/01/blog-post_17.html 突然也想表达我个人的看法, 所以也在林悦的部落格留下了comment, 想想下也在此把它paste上吧,嘻嘻。

I would like to share some of my thoughts with ya all bout traveling and soloing :)

First of all, I agreed that it's the desire that counts most, however i reckon courage comes second, a desire without the courage to make the move is dreaming, but on the other hand, desire with the determination to "just do it (nike slogan)" is what makes it different and it does take a lot of sacrifice and determination to do it. SO i think they both come hand in hand. 

of course, i'm talking bout traveling solo for a long period of time, doing everything on your own. Not a 1 week kinda Airasia fly in fly out type of solo backpacking which is peanuts.

To me traveling/backpacking solo is a kind of release, towards freedom, towards self-realization, self-confidence,independence, etc.

Traveling solo is more meaningful when you gain and learn something. Ideally, it should be an eye-opener to the world spiritually, intellectually, culturally, not just "i have been here" or just purely to "see" which i think many fall to appreciate. 

Personally, i think conversation of "Wow, you got guts to travel alone!!!" is due to as what Lam Yuet said lack of the worldly sights. Another important factor is our culture is so different. IF you have been traveling around, and actually talk to many foreigners, you'll realize how common it is to travel either alone or with buddies. Especially in Malaysia, the culture has burden our kids with "FUTURE" and exams, and to be the best, to be fast, and the long education system too play a role. Everyone's in a hurry, for uni, for job, for family, etc. A year or even a few months off is such a BIG issue to many!!! Hardly 1 out of 100, you'll find spend a year off to do traveling, hence traveling alone is uncommon which resulted in fear and lack of trust with themselves. Kids in the western countries get a year or few months off to somewhere after high school which are actually encourage by parents. They have the choice of freedom!!! (of course, some country's kids are more fortunate due the currency difference)

Having said above, having a start to travel/backpack alone locally in Malaysia or to neighbouring countries is a good way to kick start!!! From there you get on the bigger trips and further away from home :)

Just some thoughts of mine :) 旅行万岁!!!! haha


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