Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2010_06_14 Linear park-West beach-Glenelg-city bike ride

IMG_7491 IMG_7492
Another bike ride with AUMC, this time from city to beach!!!

It was a perfect day for the ride, sunny and clear blue sky! The ride takes us through the linear park where one can enjoy the greenery of the park in a relaxing way!!!!

IMG_7497 IMG_7499 IMG_7501
The ride is not hard because there’s a bide lane all the way for most of the way!!! Pretty flat all the way, just have to be bit careful in more narrow lanes.

IMG_7504 IMG_7506
Another cemetery that i came across and love it!!!!

IMG_7510 IMG_7514
You’ll pass through the fringe of a housing area, then into the nearby park again, going through several tunnels, then you are almost there at West beach!!! There’s a horse paddock before the mouth of west beach, pretty nice, green and people enjoy sitting on the grass, feeding the horses, etc.

 IMG_7518 IMG_7520
Once you pass this, it’s the pretty west beach in front of ya!!!

IMG_7524 IMG_7525
All of us!!!!

Look at the small kid sitting in front of the mum on the bike, haha. Cute!!!

West beach is much prettier than any beach near the city, don’t know why, and there’s not many people here too. Perhaps because it’s doesn’t have the boutiques and shops like Glenelg here, but just white sandy beach all the way :)

I like this photo :)

IMG_7556 IMG_7564
Heading towards Glenelg, i was far behind the team as you can see from the pics above, i pullover too many times to take photos, haha.

IMG_7567  IMG_7569
We had a good light lunch on the nice soft grass, a good chat, a good moment to enjoy before heading back to the city to uni via Anzac highway :)

After viewing this, you will agree with me that bike riding in Australia is an awesome thing to do, huh!!!! LOL


  1. wat a ride under lovely weather. u own a bike there?

  2. Nope, haha, just use the club one :)