Sunday, March 20, 2011

Suraya’s new home welcoming 2010.07.24!!!!

What can i can say…
A potluck with amazing apartment, amazing food, and most importantly amazing people!!!!

IMG_7866 IMG_7867
I purposely went to Suraya’s aprt earlier so that i can see and learn from Suraya how to make the delicious beef rendang!!!!

All this while, i have been telling Suraya how much i missed UM 12th college’s some sort of malay cooking chicken/beef, but i just didn’t know what it’s called until i saw what Suaraya made!!! So the malay dish i missed is rendang!!!! LOL
IMG_7868 IMG_7869
Something i love about her new aprt is the rooftop!!!! Yes, u can access the roof top!!!!

IMG_7870 IMG_7871 
And what you get on the rooftop is a 360 degree nice view of the city!!!

Best of all you can BBQ on top, hold little party, put on shade umbrella, enjoy your day with a book and a sip of cocktail???

How awesome is that???? Suraya, I’m so jealous!!!! Cause that’s what i wanted too, LOL
 IMG_7876 IMG_7877
The host and co-host, hehe!!!! Very nice of them to invite us to their lovely new aprt!!!!

 IMG_7878 IMG_7879
All the food ready to be serve and “makan”!!!!! We have sambal-like lady fingers, chili-chicken, wine, and of course Suraya’s fragrant nasi lemak with rendang!!!!!

We all love the place, enjoyed the afternoon and the food!!! Thanks Suraya!!!!

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