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Tasmania, the hidden jewel of Australia 2010/08/01-15 Day 8

Left the big big modern hut for nature again, our aim was Pine Valley hut, a long side track that is not frequent by people a lot. Worse still, the heater there was being removed for repair during this time, lol. We were having a hard time deciding to go there or not. However, it sounds like a magical land according to Alex’s description who have been there and hike the Labyrinth, a place with stunning view of many big and small lakes. Hence, we all decided we got to get to pine valley!!!

IMG_8741 IMG_8745
About 5kms from Bert nichols hut, is the turn off to the pine valley track.

It takes approximately 4 hrs return trip to the pine valley hut from the overland track at least that’s what the brochure/map said. Haha, can’t remembered how long it took us, but we were on high speed…=.= because we knew there’s weather coming in and we wanted to aim for the Acropolis (1471m) after reaching Pine Valley hut.

The upper right pic was Mt.Gould (1491m).

IMG_8747 IMG_8748
The track passed through several streams, suspension bridges and some parts were well-build with boardwalks. Lots of moss all the way. The forest we walked through was really just like walking through a magical virgin temperate rainforest, SO PRETTY!!!! Every corner was a surprise especially when the sunlight cut through the trees.

IMG_8749 IMG_8753
As we were moving at high speed and too little light, there’s not a single good chance to take any photos. I can only said everything was captured by my eyes, haha. Many times, i was like: “ If only…that’s a nice one…”

I fell down on the way there, and it was so hilarious because i slipped on my back, Jono who was after me slipped at the same spot just seconds after me, Alex HAD A GOOD LAUGH watching both of us fell behind, LOL.

If i’m not mistaken it took us 1- 1 and a half hour to reach the pine valley hut, but it was seriously freezing cold here, even at day time it’s 2 degree when we got there. Imagine what' it’s like at night without heater!!!
Alex said it’s like that because this place is somehow located in a low lying area in between mountains and thus it forms it’s own local climate different from the main overland track.

The hut looks like no one have been there for a while because there’s no heater there. Some places are bit wet or damp. There’s also diarrhea cases not too long ago, haha.

Pine valley hut, a hut amongst trees. Very pretty!!!

After drinking some hot drink, i quickly spared myself some time to walked the way we came to try to shoot some the magical moss forest.

Unfortunately, i couldn’t wander by myself far from the hut as i’m bound by the time to start hiking to the Acropolis.

Nonetheless, my best shot was as above, a sample of the PURE UNTOUCHED SERENE BEAUTY of the forest we walked through.

Time to head back …arghhh…what to do…

Again we were hiking up towards the Acropolis like rockets!!!! Jesus, luckily i could catched up, lol. Alex was so fast!!!!

But somehow, i found myself much capable of catching up by then because mentally and physically my body has been transformed during the last few days, lol.

Above was cerphissus falls on the way up.

Seriously the hike up in such a pace and short distance was really a hard one!!!!! When we got up there to the plateau (not yet the acropoplis yet), there’s snow again!! but a bit wet, haha.

I love this shot of the snow gum!!!!

View of the Du Cane range, a different part of the Du Cane range we saw from the main overland track. From left to right: Mt.Gould, The Minotaur, The Parthenon. Click for enlarge view!!!

Pandani trees are really pretty to look at whenever and whereever!!! We passed through a whole stretch of Pandani on the way.

IMG_8786 IMG_8787
Unfortunately, we bailed in the end when we started hiking up The Acropolis. Alex decided there’s no point, the weather was very unstable and we don’t want to get caught in a storm there as it was kinda raining and snowing. As you can see from the upper left pic, we still have quite a bit to go, and we can’t see the peak which is actually higher up which required scrambling. Hence we decided it’s too risky even if we manage to somewhere near the peak so we turned back. I was a bit disappointed, nonetheless, Alex’s decision was right. 

We descended in god’s speed, haha. Crazy… i was bit slow because of my knee…And i took my time to capture some bits of this amazing forest!!!

In the end, we did something even CRAZIER, because it was really freezing cold in the hut too, and Jono doesn’t have a down sleeping bag, we decided to head for Narcissus hut!!!! Er…what time was it again?? afternoon…

And we walked out of pine valley in god’s speed again, Alex went running!!! haha, he said he wanted to use that chance to hike as fast as he can!!! I was tailing behind Jono, i’m tired…haha, though i was at my best, i still couldn’t catch up with those 2 speed demons!!!! haha.

By the time i got out of the pine valley junction, the sun was setting!!! Nowhere am i to see those 2 demons, i was bit grumpy, hahaha, they left me!!!! Oh well, i walked alone all the way until i met them sitting in front after a small bridge crossing, i was like 15-30mins behind them, haha. I was grumpy but glad to see them, at least they waited for me still. By that time, it was dark already, we continue walking towards Narcissus hut, luckily the track was pretty flat all the way or gradually descending since the pine valley junction.

Narcissus hut seems so near YET SO FAR!!! LOL, that day we walked + hiked 25-26kms!!!! My legs were dead tired, luckily Alex was making dinner and hot water, while Jono get the heater going.

It was a LONG day!!! Far out!!!

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