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Tasmania, the hidden jewel of Australia 2010/08/01-15 day 9

Guessed what??!! My backpack was invaded by mice last night!!!! they chewed a hole on my wraps, surprisingly they only eaten a hole and not finished up the whole packet, haha. Alex said he heard
some noises but both Jono and I heard nothing, haha. I woke up the next morning to find that there’s
a hole in the wrap!!! LOL.

Again i made the early morning walk to Narcissus bay for photo shooting. It’s a relatively short walk from the hut. The jetty at Narcissus bay is the 1st ferry point for transfer from overland track to Lake St.Clair park headquarter which is what normally people do by ending their overland track at this point and take the ferry. Otherwise one can also catch the ferry at a 2nd point at echo point but that’s further down.

IMG_8820 No idea who did this, lol.

Mount olympus with the 7 apostles on the left hand side of the mountain!!!

IMG_8830 IMG_8832
Interesting moss shot :)

Mt.Olympus again

Water reflection on the calm waters of Lake St.Clair

Interesting gum tree growth!!!

IMG_8844 IMG_8846
Some other interesting macro shots along the walk back to the hut.

Mt Bryon (1378m) on the left peak follow by Byron gap and part of Mt.Olympus.

 IMG_8855 IMG_8859
Inside Narcissus hut. That a telephone BOX on the upper left pic which is used only during summer for calling to the radio on the ferry to book a ride or ask information. There are cupboards in this hut probably so that people can keep their food safely from the mice/rats, haha. We found quite some stuff in there left behind by other hikers, really generous of them, haha.

Really like this photo i taken on a bark of a gum tree before we departed on the track again, it’s the first time i’ve been able to take such a striking pattern!!!

Today’s journey was the last leg of the whole overland track!!!! Yeah!!!! This part of the track are less walked by hikers because it’s less exciting compared to other sections, but to complete the whole overland track, we DID it!!!!

Narcissus to echo point 6.5km, 2hrs
Proceed westward from narcissus hut then take the track on the left (south) to the hamilton plains and lake St.clair. The track passes through rainforest around the lake's edge until reaching echo point

Echo point to Cynthia bay 11km, 3-4hrs
Continue through rainforest around Lake St.clair. The track sits on the  crest of a glacial moraine for the short distance between watersmeeet bridge and cynthia bay

Jono with part of travellers range behind

IMG_8888 IMG_8892
Some weird red mushroom and so weird thingy on the way!!! haha.

IMG_8894 IMG_8896
Echo point hut!!! Saw this animal skull sitting on the table inside. It’s a really small hut, would be hard to sleep inside. We met a group of Ozies that track the opposite way from south to north and have slept in here saying it’s really not a good place to zzz.

IMG_8898 IMG_8899
But i like Echo point hut, i really like the old woody colour of the hut somehow!!! The upper right showed Jono taking water for drinking/cooking from the stream that flows into Lake St.Clair.

This hut is located just next to Lake St.Clair which makes it an awesome hut in some ways, because you can just walk out of the hut and enjoy the lake view straightaway!!!

Red moss on the rocks around this area. It’s similiar to the red moss found anywhere, you don’t have to go to bay of fire to see them, haha. You can find them here too, even on Granite island, South Australia.

Mt ida (1239m), a prominent peak on the traveller range.

Camp fire spot next to Echo point hut.

IMG_8922 IMG_8927
Some other weird things growing along the track, haha.

 IMG_8928 IMG_8929
Wild berries!!! Not sure if you can eat them or not.

We had a rest stop and it’s just so nice to look at the calm lake with the reflections on the other side!!!

IMG_8932 IMG_8933
At 167m, lake st.clair is australia's deepest lake.

 IMG_8941 IMG_8942
Went through rolls of uphill and downhill (i thought it’s pretty flat, but NO!!!) maybe i was bit tired already and kinda expect to see the end, but the end was always endless eventhough if you can see some buildings far away, lol. In the end, the AWESOME FANTASTATIC overland track has to come an end which is marked by crossing the bridge at watersmeet, which means two rivers meet and merge into one!!! We were all kinda laughing or smiling, we had a funny feeling somehow that it’s the end, Alex said: “well this is the end eddie, you make it!!!!” High five to Alex and Jono, haha.

IMG_8946 IMG_8949
From watersmeet, it’s still a fair bit of walk to the main park headquarter. On the way, we were discussing what to do for the night…etc. COLD BEER!!!!! LOL, cigarette for Jono, LOL

IMG_8950 IMG_8951
Some animal dung collection in the kinda part museum part souvenir shop on the upper right pic.

IMG_8952 IMG_8954
The BEST burger i had!!!! The OVERLAND BURGER, haha, not sure if it’s because i’m too hungry and crave for real food after being on the overland track for 6 days??? or was it that good?? haha,  couldn’t differentiate.

After the meal, it’s pretty much dark already and we checked into the Lake St.Clair national park hostel which is bit costly. but oh well, we need a good nice warm bed to ZZZZZZZZZZZZ and rest, haha. And it turned that the hostel was not bad because there’s hot shower (have to insert coins, haha) and a nice big kitchen cum dining room to hang out.

At night Jono and Alex actually WALKED 5km to Derwent Bridge to get some beer!!! ANd they got a free ride from the hotel owner of the derwent bridge  hotel!!! I didn’t join as i’m not so much a drinker!!!
I hanged out in the kitchen/dining room with the heater on, enjoying my reading on tasmania still. Looking at different travel leatlets, haha. Also had a chat with a German friend which we came to know that night too who was staying a few night there.

So much for the last day of the overland track!!!! The longest multiple day track i have ever done 100+km of walking+hiking+climbing!!!!! YEAH!!!! 

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