Saturday, December 10, 2011

2010_12_19 Stella creek cherry picking

Cherries cherries!!!! Super sweet juicy cherries!!!
Cherries here are link to X'mas!!! You'll always see some cherries in a guest's house during X'mas^^

Tash offered to tag along with them to do some cherry picking which i gladly accepted. We have been checking the website of Stellar creek for 1-2 weeks as the orchard's opening time is very dependent on weather. Big rain pour sees the cherries falling off and also rotting. Well, what we need is a good plenty of sunny day!!! The sun get the cherries to ripe faster becoming the red juicy fingerfood we like!!!

Unfortunately, the weather before X'mas and our lab X'mas bbq wasn't great, we waited and waited until that time came!!! It an overcast day but at least the orchard was opened. 

Waited for Tash at train station to pick me up.

It was a long winding drive to get to basket range where Stellar Creek is located. Got there and got someone to demonstrate to us HOW we should be picking the cherries!!! We should always pluck the cherries leaving the bud or the stem i can't remember in order to allow them to flower again the following year and bear fruits. And also showed us which trees were ready to be picked. Upon here, only did i knew there are so many varieties of cherries!!! Can't remember the name now anymore, but yeah, you got to pick the right cherries, haha. Some are juicier, less sweet, some have a nice heart shape, some don't, some have more flesh, etc. It's quite a knowledge, the problem is identifying which trees are which, haha. In the beginning, the orchard boy pointed to us here, here, there. But in the end, we just went ahead and mix them, haha. U can eat on the spot too, taste them, if you like it, grape as many you want as long as you can afford to pay, haha. 

Forgot to say there is an entry fee of 5$ per adult to compensate for those eating in the orchard while picking. They weight on kilos for the the bucket of cherries you brought back and depending on types. If you managed to pick 3kg or more, they will refund you the entry fee!!!

So after the lecture, off we spread off for cherry picking!!! 

Here's Mark smiling during his cherry picking!!! He has his preference of cherry!!!

Here's the pretty Em enjoying her cherry picking!!!

Here's Tash, haha. Somehow i managed to capture this picture, which somehow showed she might have eaten a less ripe cherry or wasn't enjoying the taste?? haha. Only the ripe cherries will taste good!!!

The cherry picking process, There's Tash and Nathan (in red)

Here's my own bucket, i just went with the darker heart shape cherries, haha. They taste awesome!!!

As much as i like, it's hard to cherry pick and shoot photos. In addition, it wasn't a great day for photo shooting, and somehow it's tricky to find and shoot this cherries, haha. 

It was FUN experience, definitely, thanks Tash for organising!!!! Oh, don't eat too much cherries at once, otherwise you'll end up having a bleeding nose because of its high sugar!!!