Saturday, December 10, 2011

2010 CCB and Lab X'mas

 I know these photos are a bit too late, haha. It's 2011 X'mas now and yet i'm uploading 2010 X'mas??!! oh well...., LOL

CCB X'mas bbq
It was a nice one, though i missed the one this year, haha. I really like this kind of open party/bbq, just sitting on the ground (some people brought chairs). It's a day of good food, beer and wine!!! And the day you'll see people letting loose!!!

Some people played Frisbee, the photo above showed people playing soccer, and it was fun. haha. Even our CCB director, Angel Lopez joined in with his Argentinian skill!!! It's the first time i saw Angel outside of his usual smart attire and playing sport!!! Soccer is the world game, hey??!!

Next up, was the Goodall-Khew Goodall lab X'mas. Each time of the year this time, i have headache on what should i bring, haha. I'm not a good cook, neither am a good baker of any sorts. In the end, i brought marinated satays from the central market, easy, haha. 

Sausages!!! There are different from our Malaysian sausages, though i've come to get use to it now, haha. 

Matty, as usual acting funny, haha. 

All the pretty smiles ^.^

Another 2 pretty smiles ^.^

Some serious discussion here??!!

The little Andrew!!! So cute!!!!!! He's going to be like his dad one day, genius!!!

Xiao, another one that like to act differently in front of the camera, haha.

Little Andrew and Bethany having their part of fun!!! 

Some more X'mas smiles :) 

It's lucky that we have Narelle this year!!!

Having fun throwing er........... 

 Typical outdoor summer activities even during parties and bbq!!! Too bad i'm not into this sport, i prefer squash still!!!

Jo.W brought this attractive little mini candy house, the kids just kept on looking at it!!! 

Hmm......did i got it right?? haha

It was a fun X'mas time!!!