Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Senior going off oversea...

Well, what does APRIL 1st meant to most of u??? i guessed most of u knew that 1st of April is the April fools day. Did someone pull a prank on you??

but tat day was another memorable day instead of playing tricks on others. It was my senior's Charles's departure day for Tokyo, Japan. And tis is no lie....haha, luckily JAGAM did not play a prank on him for being the scholar of JAGAM 2008.

Haha, well....tis post is dedicated to MR Charles.... to let you see the pics we took before u left...wondering when the next opportunity we all gona take pics again...haha,

Yeah, all of us went to see him off, 2 of charles 's housemates, me, miss anthena, and tmc at KLIA.

Charles' family....

HAHA, charles' s bro with a big hug from behind...

The air ticket leaving for Tokyo

Well, it's about time to pack up and leave dy... another family shot again....

Charles v his brother

with his dad

with his dearest mum

then it's time where we all have to bid farewell.....
so sad....(hehe, some of them , but not me )

Charles's mom watching her beloved son entering for international check in from far...we could saw her mum shed tears

Well, from me: i would like to say i am happy (not sad) for you, finally you get to go oversea dy. i am also indebt to you for guiding , teaching and being patience with me...haha, i'm really glad to have such a good senior, and i really appreciate what you have done and the days we hang out together....i lost a senior/fren to discuss lots of things...but guessed life goes on.....oh well, life's like that.....all the best to you overthere. :

many ppl missed your presence :)

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