Friday, June 13, 2008

Coursemate gathering....22.03.2008

This week, SZ came up from spore, while JH down from PG. We had a small little coursemate karaoke at kotak hijau.

TMC, WX, JH and SZ...

the 3 of them enjoying the sing

All say cheese""""

green box....ahahha

Starhill to take tis artistic pic

Finally saw the JACKIE CHAN's cafe......wanted to taste the coffeee, but money.,,...

Posing v MR jackie chan
1 newly pregnant moms + 3 brand promoters

pavillion kotak merah

nite time, we had another coursemate gathering at island cafe....
This time with SP, EC, MS, and air JORDAN.
It's great to see them all in good shape....KEEP in touch guyss!!!

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