Thursday, June 12, 2008

KAM BIRthday 20.03.2008

The birdday boy ... with the kawai froggy candy stick

1st destination, green lotus at bukit bintang....
This is my second time to Green Lotus......1st time was during my 1st year, where me and my friends celebrated ah sam's birthday, 1st time was brought by MR. Kam Kam here. i think the shop suffered some business loss i thinked, less decoration dy. Nevertheless, i still like it's quirky and warm lighting enviroment. I remembered last time there used to be special seatings with curtains where everyone would try to book that place because it's just so lavishly decorated and good for a group of people chit-chat inside. Now just the usual chairs and tables.

Ms shu san scratching her head,: " what can i eat, i'm on vege cause it gona be easter friday"

The baka yet kawai gud singer, wan chia with kam's birhtday present :P

The four of us....

HAHA, posing everywhere anytime

2nd destination, luna bar...yeah
Luna Bar is located on the rooftop of Pacific Regency Hotel Suites / Menara Pan Global
On the lift up to 34th floor. Been longing to step into this bar, heard alot on it, especially it's spectacular night city view. Luckily we were 1 minute ealier (9.29pm) before they start to charge for Rm50 per entry.

Well, here, we can see the twin towers on one side, while the kl tower on the other end which just next to this hotel. (to get a better view of the twin tower, one must get to the second level of this bar, we couldn't access it that day due to some function held there.)

The Kl tower looks really close to us.

The poolside with an open air sky view which is superb.
Too bad no babes swimming...haha
There's a club DJ that particular night because it was 'ngam ngam' the F1 party week. However the party only starts after 10pm.

This is how the poolside bar look like, with all the neon ligthing.

stacks of liquors....

The birthday boy again acting cool, haha

And me ....hehe

Take note that the waitress there were so hostile, and treated us like poverty-stricken kids with no money to pay yet only lepak in their bar. FOUK u deep deep....the waitress came and ask what to order 3-4 times in a row, we told her to wait, then we'll call yo up, then give us more time.......YOU BLOODY AsSsssssss, can't you just wait. In the end, the waitress cant tahan , and ask another waitress to layan us......luckily she was much polite. In the end after we ordered,

lemon shot

sthg lychee...
sthg blue pluto taste like cough syrup

Sex on the beach....which tasted the best... we din order any food :P

the waitress brought us the bill right after every cocktail arrived......WTF...., Mr.Kam was so insulted that he used his credit card...niamah de.....then she was like oh'''' credit card pulak........ then din kacau us dy.....and even treat us nicely: telling us there a DJ outside..... Ya know, the funny thing was next to our table were two korean people....there only order a bottle of whisky each.......yet the waitress din bother them. Of course lar, there are foreigners......i meant WTF.......such different manners. Before this , i read other blog also complaint the waitress there, hope she kena sack.......

The window sofa view is the gona love can drink and murmur with your partners or business partners.....It provide magnificient view of KL city. Due to the week we went was F1 party week, they made the window sofa view a package with minimum RM700-RM1000.......but there were still customers hanging around there. Just opposite of our seating is a foreign dressed up couple lying on the sofa drinking and kissing..... Untill they left, only can we view the scenery straight......and took some pictures.

After drinking cocktails inside the non-smoking area, we came to the poolside and drink again , this's bucket of beers with 6 bottles. Drank till aliitle bit dizzy...haha, but still conscious.

All in all, it was a great great nite...., really din hang along together since Mr Kam and me parted from 4th college. We shared alot of news, sam pak here and there. Really cherished that moment. Except for the niamah lady waitress, everything in Luna bar was right and fun.
Hope to chill out next time at sky bar at trader's hotel, yeah.

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