Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Genetics' Nite 2008

Hey,'s another celebration for the departments of Genetics and Molecular Biology Year 2008. This was the 2nd Genetics' nite, held at Crown Prince hotel.

A shot before the event start.

Food and food............
Higlights of the event is the Singing part by Dr.Zul and Mr Yoon Ming
Dr.Zul sang wonderwall by Oasis, and Kau ilhamku by Mambai, while Mr Yoon Ming sang She will be loved by maroon 5

Dr. Risman sang stand by me

Dr. Chan sang Right Here waiting by Richard Marx

Then altogether sang the PCR song............Man, you all rocks........super cool and funny to see them sang

genetic Man hunt

Genetic lady hunt

Mr Yoon Ming crowned King

Dr. Jenni crowned the best looking attire, Yoon ming -king, and the lady there -Queen...


Dr.Ng's students and RA me, MSc , yoon ming.... (Dr.Ng, you look very different and stunning that nite, yeah)

Me v juniors

Dr.Chan with his undergraduate students

The 3 mousekesteers (duno how to spell), haha....

A glimpse of the lecturer's table

Me with super cool Dr.Chan

Dr.Zul's group

Me v the king

Me v leng lui Ms chelsea, the lady representative of genetics

Me v the handsome Johnson, president of genetics

Me v yYee zhen and hong kai

Me with my two undergraduates, xf and wy....

Me v Ms wei wei........a big applause for her making the big big effort in organising such a gud genetics' nite

Me v mr Yee song

Wooooooooh, the gals acting cool

All in all, the venue was nice, the food was nice, the ambience was nice, everybody enjoyed, the lecturers have fun.......gongrates to those who johnson, chelsea, wei wei and those who helped them,,,,,,,you guys rock!!!!

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