Monday, July 14, 2008

DAY 1 of Singapore trip 01.05.2008

Be hold, i'm finally stepping my foot onto Singapore.............MY FIRST TRAVEL's funny to say that i like traveling so much yet this was my first time to oversea after 23 years. But it's money, no passport, no time limits my whereabouts all the time. Until last May, only i spared sometime out to go oversea, plus my frens are there, hence i could get some accomodation from them. However, there's also another reason for me to Spore, to NUS.

Checking out on the brochures and leaflets my JB fren have. I did not do any homework for Spore trip which i normally do for other trips knowing that my frens will bring me around and tell me where to go, in adition i'm pretty BZ at that time. My frens all: "huh....wat der?? u din do homework ar??". I just replied them,: "i'll go anywhere u guys bring me to" afterall, this was my 1st time to Spore, anywhere interesting will be fine.

Inside the bus crossing over to Spore....yeah!!

Snap a shot of my 1st passport stamp plus bus ticket. Felt excited, yeah !!!

Finally, in Spore , in woodlands....

1st destination, Orchard road.....heard of it many times and yet duno how it looks like. Felt so 'out' especially ppl all wanted to go Orchard road to celebrate XMAS......n i know nothing about it.

They said that this is a famous builiding that build polytechnic..etc. haha, i never heard famous meh?

The bus overthere all are vy creative, like this one. LOng, short, double deckers.....

Sam and SZ bringing me to lunch

This was a boil of 'har mee' but different from the usual one in Msia coz it's cha (fried) har mee

Sam had tis,

while SZ had sthg light...

Their MRT system is way better than LRT, STAR.....they are very much organize owing to the small Spore, but they still deserve a thumbs up....for their good system, security, punctuality....

U can even play some game while waiting for the MRTs available on the walkway.

This is their train interchange terminal, whereby u can hop into green, or red, or purple line...pretty well intergrated....Compared to Msia, u don't need to walk far from the other train station and it's fully covered and with clear signboards

Vivo city, the biggeest shopping mall in Spore at the moment, it's huge, and gosh, everyone is bz shopping and lot and lots of ppl i know, Spore tourism very much relied on shopping malls of tourist whereby they target those foreign tourists with buying powers, there are almost at least one shopping mall nearby each train station.

Vivo city, entry to Sentosa either via bus, cable car or monorail.

I'm in sentosa island, an almost man-made island due to land filling at the's d big merlion statue...u can take a lift (gotta pay) to go up to d mouth of the merlion to get a view of sentosa. (not worth it to go up)

SZ showing tourists the way around sentosa

We are at beach station. There are small buses that u can hop on to travel around the sentosa island FOC.

I just managed to cover the siloso beach, just one side of the beach,......din have time to go the other beach....

Watching the song of sea (change from the musical fountain) from afar....heard boom here n there, fireworks, laser.....

Me taking a shot on d nice mosque

Leaving sentosa to catch the last monorail and last train back to jurong east....
Really had fun here. THANX to SZ and SAM.


  1. hmmm ... sentosa is not man made la, it is a natural island but has been over exploited. and have many reclaimed land ( which means they "tambak" the sea shore) and that is no sea lion. They call it the "MERlion" combination of a lion head and a fish tail hence the mer stands for mermaid gua.... haha

    john's on

  2. haha, opppsss
    just din realized i wrote it sealion, no wonder while i was writing, i felt sthg was wrong. Thanks.