Thursday, July 17, 2008

SIngaporE day 2

Early morning of Singapore. THis is how it looks like. A typical hectic morning of a bustling city. Everybody wake up early to have breakfast and catch the MRT and buses.

Leaving from my fren's house.

The early dusk of Jurong east.

Singaporean student waiting for bus, yet reading.....vy gud culture. You seldom see this around Malaysia.

my early breakfast.....Sing $2

Got myself a free Singapore see what make the headlines of Spore news.

Reached Clementi to get a ride to NUS.

OOOoooooo, this is NUS.....a much more sophisticated look and modern building style. Though not big, things here look quite organized.....with a puntual FOC regular campus bus.

Had a hard time finding MD 7, went into MD11 to look at the medicine gallery.....

Very antique yet stylish medical weighing machine

After i met and have discussion with my two potential supervisor, went to meet ah sam and bugis street. On the way, saw this 2 big big naruto bun mascot.

Bugis street.....

This street is very much the Petaling street of Malaysia, hawker stalls everywhere, selling cheapsket stuff, eg: watches, accesories, food, clothings......etc. Quite cheap infact if you compared to other places of Singapore. Some stuff are quite worth it plus beautiful.

Me v Iyloh, haha me look vy ah pek here....din change my shirt coz dun wana sweat another clothing.

I pretty like the buses here, not only for their double decker, but the advertisement they display, like tis one the minyak kapak.....

Finally, got back to JB, had supper at 888........this place have a variety of foods, taste not bad....


  1. hey yat yuen~nice trip 2 s'pore...what ya doing in NUS?further study there?hehe