Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beer & Wine...

Well, i do not know since when i can drink quite well, in fact, beer and wine have both become social drink, maybe because of their strong marketing and brainwashing, haha. Everyone seems to know how to drink a little bit. Those who can't drink sometimes are considered losers...haha.

I have also grown up getting use of drinking with friends. Of course, i only drink on occasions. Haha. No point getting myself drunk.

Today, i had a relaxing chating with my 2 years UM 4th residential college roomate, also my brother on the balcony of my house, looking out to PJ nite scenery with the jazz music on, drinking icy cold beer and wine....Wooh, really enjoy the moment. After all, my fren is leaving for Spore to fly and serve ppl on air starting end of June.

We chat many things, gals, family, frens, future, dreams.......

Haha, after u fly......it's hard for us to meet.......but i'm sure we'll meet some day and still brothers!!! All the best to both of uS :)

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