Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Conc. Day 2 of pahang trip...yeah!!!

After exploring sg.lembing, we were back once again at teluk cempedak to look at its day scenery!!! So, we left from our place of stay below in the pic,

Then head towards to t.cempedak.

Tis 2 pics below shows how wen qi wana 'da sien' my roomate, houg, LOL. And my roomate was shock by her, saying:" eh, you dun come so near ar."

This is how t.c look likes, full of ppl everywhere!!!

This side looks better and less crowded :)

Tis is me.......enjoying the nature and listening to the song of the sea !!!

Houg and wen qi both looking high and low for their own paths...seems like they were not destine to be 2gether!!! LOL

Tmc wana soar into the sky.......

Houg zzzzz cum singing....

As the dark approaches, we bound for home sweet home!!! Bye bye pahang :)

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