Monday, September 8, 2008

Koko wedding :)

May 26th 2008 was the BIG BIG DAY for my eldest brother as well as for my family :)

The wedding car.....haha.

As a happy couple always....

decorated staircase.....haha

My dai ko" and dai sou" :)

I like this picture very much....very loving and caring :)

My whole family with a new member, my dai sou :)

Wedding photo v koko's friends and brothersssss

wedding photo with my dai sou's sistersssss

my koko and dai sou again :)

The wedding night :)

Attendant's signature to the wedding nite

dai ko and dai sou poruing the wine.....


Me, forgot namesssssss

A pretty gal on the most left :)

My dai ko and dai sou v dai ko's brotherssssss

dai sou look so pretty :)

My dai sou's family

Me and my brothers and dai sou :)

Me v leng lui, dai sou's sis :)

ALL in all, i'm vy glad for my brother.....afterall he finally get to have his own family :)......
I wish them early early have bab, happily ever after :) :) :)


  1. when is ur turn lengzai yatyuen?? hehe...long time no c,still looks handsome like during F6 oh.=p

  2. haha, not sure...hopefully i'll find my one soon...haha. me handsome?? dun tipu me lar!!!