Sunday, March 15, 2009

days b4 XMAS .....

7 days after i reached Adelaide....there was this Spirit Festival for little people's land held in elder park. It was my 1st eye opener to Aboriginal people, culture and art :). It was also held for the first time in Adelaide. What a good opportunity, haha.

Elder park

Vy relaxing park for stroll, activities, picnic, jogging....

swans....really elegant swans....

Aboriginal art....making crafts from dried straws......really amazing!!!

Typical aboriginals but more adapted to city life. It's obvious in Australia to identify aboriginals.

Aboriginal arts and crafts....

all sorts of colourful crafts....but not cheap lo...

i like this one the most....but hahaha, jz can c not buy......I really like their art. Not bad for a frame at home.

other participating booths for kids, to play some colouring stuff

This one i not sure what are they making but some sort straws stuff oso but coloured 1.

The poster....they even sell the t-shirt....for 15dollar...but too bad there was none for my size
all left free size.....otherwise i wud hv bought one too.

Boomerangs....haha, this may look colourful as display but not for flying....they wont fly back to u if you throw them......hhaha, i learned here to noe how to differentiate which can fly and which cant. Those that can, usually are longer and bigger and most importantly more work has to be done on the boomerang whereby both end will have to have different cuving angle so that the wind can bring them back.

Even these, look how simple there are, but is a masterpiece to me....wahaha, it's really amazing how these indigenous ppl came out with these ideas to beautify themselves, just like Malaysia ibans, dayaks.....etc.

There was a small concert as well with a mix of english singers and aboriginal cultural show, i din really watch them. wahhaha, and i missed one of the aboriginal show too.

If you noticed the aboriginal art uses alot of dots, and often a varies of vibrant colours. And often those real aboriginal arts also portraits animals like kangaroos, their god......etc.

Look at these handicrafts.....all made from dried straws......

How about this?? Something like a queen crown, impressed??

They even offered to teach those interested to learn how to make small basket, or hat from these NICE!!!, i did tried bit....wahahha, it's not easy....mayb i'm not gud ....wahaha, but it's interesting and new to me to noe that straws can be make into these stuff for sale.

Vy 'asli' piece of art rite???

the view of elder park and convention centre.

Elder park

New signboard to me, hahaha.

Pretty flowers by Adelaide festival centre

Adelaide festival centre

Somemore pretty flowers along roadside....:), just cant resist to take a shot on them.

Another event which took place was My 1st visit to Australia national park and 1st experience of the australian bushes....wahaha. It was a xmas outing for my lab to Belair National park.....located within the great mount lofty range.

This park is quite famous as it is the 1st national park in SA or adelaide. And quite often ppl came here for tennis, picnics and BBQ. I really like the experience of having BBQ in this kind of area. Felt different from BBQ in Malaysia. IT's a very relaxing type of BBQ and ppl each bring their bit of food and also contribute to the table of FOOD.

There are BBQ facilities for you which you can rent with the national park management. This one uses gas still. However, it does provide the conveniences.

This is Sam cleaning all the BBQ stains left over by ppl b4. I'm pretty impressed in fact that they are well prepared with all the stuff needed for BBQ.

Lesley and Andrew BBQing their meat. REallly big varities of meat. Chicken with stuffed duno wat, different kind of marinated beef, pork.....We dun hv these in Msia. Even the sausages are different and mutliple types.

This is Daniel.....the TOM CRUISE i tot i saw in the 1st place!!! He really have 50% of Tom cruise look to me, handsome young guy.

Potato slices and onion rings which is often used as side dishes for BBQ meat. Really different!!!

Daniel was incharged of this, coz he brought it, hahha, and he like them burned!!! which i think i like too....taste better when they are burned.

I was not there to take pic nia, i really did help out, coz i wana learned their style of BBQ....wahaha. I definitely will try these when i'm Msia BBQ next time. Pretty good as side dish :)

They brought the table, chairs....AMAZING!!!! Tat's how australians make themselves comfortable and enjoy!!! Malaysians will not do sthg like tis all..........even might request and complain why there is no table and chairs provided :(

Outing like this really make everyone relax and improved networking. 2 of lab post doc brought their family as well and their kids...haha.

After good food, SPORTS.....australians really enjoy tennis.....

We had a play of american football at oval too...and also throwing off someting like UFO flying saucer piece of things that fly....wahaha. 1st time played all these. haha. Quite excited in fact.

There 's Cam's little andrew...grabbing a small american football.

Sam about to throw the flying saucer to Phil in the far end.

After playing for a while, i decided to head into the australian bush for the 1st time on my own. Wahaha, cant resist the temptation to look how does australian bushes looked like.

Saw quite alot of sand dune under the root of trees....must be ant colonies.

The trek

Australian bushes looked like this on summer.....really different from tropical rainforest. Vy dry and not much varities to c, but oso depend on where u are lar.

Australian trees....duno wat tree is this, mayb gum tree....they like to to shed skins.....

There's Phil's little Bertheney....haha, kids here i guessed grew up with more freedom and mind of exploration, allow to run, jump....etc.
Time to leave, that's lovely Em.Patterson in pink....she rides a bike..,,,COOL??? she definitely is....and it's amazing to know that she ride all the way up from the train station at the foot hill up to the park!!!! Even i cant do that!!!!!

C how high are we?? We are on the way down....that's Adelaide city centre from lofty ranges. Em ride all the way up, truely amazing.

And me :) cant resist these gud superb views, so i requested my labmate to stop by for a while for me to grab a few shots....wahaha. All in all, great EXPERIENCE!!!


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