Friday, March 27, 2009

my life ......

Touched down in OZ at 7AM......on the 8th DEC 2008

1st impression, haha...nthg much lar....jz plenty of land, majority single storey house like high rise buildings, except a few extraordinary, quite green....wahhaa. According to the driver who is in his 50s told me, Adelaide ppl dun like tall buildings like melbourne and Sydney.....they prefer more tranquil and green landscape there, which is truely presented in the buildings there, mostly only few storey high. By logic, u hv plenty of land, y build high??

My room in city west apartment for the DEC 2008 and JAN 2009.....after organinzed and arranged.

Inside got table, mattress,and a cupboard....everything are white....which is pretty good, make the room looked spacious and bright :)
First time had OZ dollars.....
Bought and sent out PLENTY of POSTCARDS.....too bad one of them gone lost, mayb the postcard looked pretty and the Malaysia postman kept it for himself =.=!!!

My new OZ hp, LG with a 29$ cap.....not bad a hp....the most canggih hp i ever had, my 3rd hp in 2 sign 2 yr contract to hv tis hp, it uses touch screen, got 3G, i did signed up for an extra 5$ for news and weather package. THe 29$ cap offers u 200minutes of 3 to 3 mobile cal, and 150$ for calls in that 100$ maximum for international call. The deal may seems pretty good, but 1 sms cost 30cent, local cal is not cheap as well, even worse...50cent per international SMS, ~2$ per minute international call. Still, u earned a decent cool hp in d end :)

My bed at 7-7.15Am....DAMN it....the sun light focus on my face directly and heat up my whole sleeping bag which i use as blanket. If you din cover ur head with anything, u just cant sleep with eyes directly under the sun light. This is what i call natural ALARM.

Somewhere in JAN, i finally got my sleeping pillow, so charm.....have been sleeping for a few weeks without pillow or using my clothing as pillow...wahaha coz waiting for sales. Bo pien, my rental here is sucking blood from me.

My collection of postcard and cards..... :)
Hehe, i think whoever saw this would noe that travel is so important to me.....all these in this picture is just for south aus :)
Hehe, collected some maple tree leaves, tot of doin sthg on them...but in the end, i jz threw them away....wahaha.

Got this Top gear calender 2009 for free at one of the convenient store....i was surprised it's free....this calender was so cool.......

the whole calender can be unfold to review a full view of super cars !!!! of my favourite :)

Haha, however funny, i gave it away to my lab RA who love cars more than me :)
My 1st cup of hot choc in Adelaide during a morning tea with labmates....taste not bad :)

Took this pic coz it makes me felt like i will get peace and calmess when i sit down at that chair....looks so tranquil with that tree next to it :), anyway this place is located within the Royal Adelaide hospital (RAH). Untill i never sit on it , haha.

My working place IMVS is located also within the RAH compound.... :)
Tat's all 4 now.....