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Go SA, a gud goverment measure to learn from :)

In support of go GREEN...

One of the shocking occasion (culture shock??, hahaha) that i encountered in Adelaide when i arrived here whenever i'm on the street, malls, supermarkets, and Central market district is you see alot of GREENS....

Guessed wat!!!

Nope, not the green trees that were planted around the streets and city,
Not the green parks surrounding the city...

It's the GREEN BAGS that more and more people in Adelaide are carrying in their hands wherever they go shopping for groceries or in supermarkets!!!

I was overwhelmed by how many people are doing this!!! Old and young carry a GREEN BAG, or something similar or a trolley they bought. It's just NOT those light weight plastic bags anymore!!!! How civilized are these people and caring to their environment!!!

Saw all the bags especially those GREEN ones??

Seriouslly i have NEVER seen such an occasion in Malaysia or Singapore. I'm pretty sure if i'm in Malaysia now, everywhere is plastic's like the more the better!!! ???

This GO GREEN stuff is a campaign launched by south australia goverment since last year and it has been slowly implementing to make sure the citizens has time to change, the retailers get the right information and make changes to their packaging method. The obvious difference between the SA goverment and Msia gov is THE SERIOUSNESS in carrying out the campaign and making sure everyone comply to it. In many places, you'll see poster on going green especially in places where people buy things which usually are pack in plastics bags: supermarkets and central market. How efficient they are!!! There's even a website on the campaign to make sure everyone get the information
and in newspapers advertisement. Although there have been controversies on this ban of light weight plastics bags, but still quite many support and applaud.

This inforamtion poster is found in petrol station cashier post.

Information for shoppers (from
South Australia’s plastic bag ban is now on the way and the State Government is helping shoppers to make the change. South Australians accept the need to stop using lightweight, check-out style plastic bags and consider that once they have been banned, everyone will quickly adapt.
An advertising campaign based on the theme ‘BYO Bags’ is running between December and mid May to remind you to bring reusable bags when you shop, and to be patient with retail workers, especially during the change. Expect to see reminder signs outdoors near shopping centres and retail strips and inside stores on counters, cash registers windows and doors. There will be reminders in newspapers and on radio, and watch out for the animated reusable bags which feature in our TV commercial.

Information for retailers:
The critical dates for retailers are:
From 1 January 2009, lightweight, checkout-style plastic bags will be phased out.
From 4 May 2009, retailer will be banned from supplying these bags.
Prepare for the ban by starting now: by ordering alternatives, having signage in place and training your staff. A major advertising campaign will inform the community about the change. It will include TV, Radio, newspaper ads and outdoor signs near shopping centres to spread the message about the ban and remind shoppers to ‘BYO’ their reusable shopping bags

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Another OBVIOUS DIFFERENCE CIVILIZED and ENVIRONMENT CONSCIOUSS are the people in SA. Obviously, the campaign wouldn't work out so well even if the citizens don't cooperate.

Honestly, i found that using a byobag which is actually a linen bag is really convenient for anyone, you can fold it and just place it in your bag or handbag, just use it when you are shopping. In addition, it's flexibility is much more than normal light weight plastic bag, and tear-proof!!!

Even best....i JUST LIKE WOOLWORTHS supermarket...everyone is GREEN-minded, it's employee. There's a rule now that 3 items and below, no plastic bags for u. And everytime u pay, the cashier would ask you first, " do you have a bag or sthg?" and if you do, the cashier would reply you " oh, you are a legend, oh GOOD, oh great....that's gud...etc" to thank you with a broad smile. How good if these were to happen in Malaysia!!!! And if you don't have one, some will even ask you, " do you want to buy a bag for just 99cent?" and remind you to bring urs if you actually have one but didn't bring it.

The supermaket even sell this linen bag at just 99cent for one!!! or 1.98$ for three!! to encourage one to use it!!!

I gussed despite great efforts in Malaysia by certain clubs or organization, none will ever reach such cooperativity found here.

Even IMVS, the institute i carry out my research GOES GREEN!!!!... How amazing!! this is no supermarkets or wat, it's a pathology institute for diagnosis and research, yet it's amazing to even find that research institute also join along!!!

My own byobag....hehe.

It's the mind that control !!!

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